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Friday, March 20, 2015

Not a very productive day But this little Viola blooming for the First Day of Spring Made me Smile!

Just love Violas! They are some of the first plants to start flowering through the snow! All you need is one plant and let it go to seed. my front garden was so full of violas I actually had to thin them out. this year I have actually found people who do not have any am going to pot some up and gift them!! Not much new to write about, dying yarn was on the menu but we have had a small leak under the kitchen sink and today was the day RH decided it had to be fixed, so everything was moved out from under the sink and the next thing I knew he had everything apart and needed some silicone to seal a piece of the pipe so then had to go to the store, I could not use any water etc.etc.etc.......the leak is gone but everything is all over the kitchen right now. Kept thinking I did not get much accomplished.....but I did a few loads of laundry...redid some items on my website........which took some time as I could not remember how to do anything as it has been a few years, there were still pictures and directions to the farm in the hills and we had moved to a small acreage a few years ago so it was time I got it straightened out. and the St. Patrick sock is finished except for closing the toe...which I could have had done except I just had too much cat help, my poor old girls thought they both needed sit on me, they are fifteen years old so are so needy. They do not have teeth anymore so we have to buy soft food and only the little cans that they like so HB always seems to be buying cat food....I said to him don't keep buying it from the same store all the time or we will be getting a visit from the health department thinking we are poor seniors eating cat food.....

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