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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Summer Rain is growing up!

Here is hoping my blog will get back to normal and I can post again. Last post which was ages ago announcing that I had a new computer and could finally post again......well that did not last new computer locked me out!! actually it was iCloud that locked me out so had to wait until could get back to the store and get them to help me get into my computer which was not easy but finally we used their computer to make amends with iCloud and I could finally use my computer again.......but then my blog was hacked and when people went into my blog all they got was an advertisement for a company. Awesome grandson finally got it removed for me and now hopefully that is the end of my blog problems!! Was out the other day taking pictures of the llamas and finally got a good one of Summer Rain, she does not like getting her picture taken so it was run around the feeder but she finally stopped and stood for a minute. Her mother has some llama in her and her Dad is full Alpaca and we won't really know until spring when she is sheared but right now it looks like her fleece will be more on the llama side, she has two half sisters that produce Alpaca fibre but love her beautiful colour.
Will have to get some new pictures of the babies from the year before, they have really grown and are not really babies anymore....but I still call them my babies. Well am off to totally knit out these days trying to get orders out to people plus knitting gifts for Christmas...will I get it done?....will I get it done?.....said I was not taking any new knitting orders until after Christmas.....then a phone call came and a lady needs a pair of modified fingerless mitts with a flap for a special needs young man in a wheel chair....can not say no to will cast on tomorrow to knit those between some baking...trying to get gifts ready for sending to family. Then back to gift knitting...might be wrapping up balls of yarn to gift then take back and knit after christmas when things slow has been done before........

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