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Friday, April 25, 2008

No color outside...let's have color inside!!

Well we still have snow all over the ground, the sun did peek out for a bit this morning. Am going to start some seeds today, just remembered that I had saved some seeds from a little plant that has such great pink flowers, it was gift and I do not know what it is called, it comes every year so is a perennial so should put the seeds in the freezer for a few days I think. Dyed up a few pots of yarn the other day, really needed the color in my life, I should just put them around my neck and wear them. RH is off to a meeting on Sunday so will dye up a few more pots. Have to get some socks knit up to put in the market sale stash, keep trying to discipline myself to knit up some things for the market stash and then I can do some fun stuff. Right now I better get down to the sewing room and get some sewing orders finished up, have not sewn for anyone since we moved way out here but some of my customers have hunted me down. It is supposed to be warm this weekend so am hoping I can take the fibre sorting table outside and sort through a few bags of some of this llama fibre before shearing again, most of what I have now will be going into pillows for pet beds. Made some for the animals around here and they love them. If you notice cats love to sleep on the softest place in the house so I put a pet bed for them on the couch and most of the time that is where they will go, saves having cat hair all over. The biggest problem is Maxx the Jack Russell is not allowed on the furniture in the living room so his bed is on the floor by the window and sometimes the cats take his bed to lay in a sunbeam so he is pretty sad....cats do not care how sad he looks. can't find the pictures right now but when I do I will post them.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Whoa! Beautiful color!