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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Scarf Finished

Well I finally finished the "too much yellow scarf", it seemed that I knit and I knit on that scarf, wanted it to be around sixty inches long but did not seem to be getting anywhere, did not know how tight to stretch it to measure it, finally I said I am not going to bed until I am done with this, it was close to sixty inches so I said that is it and cast off. I washed and blocked it.............oh was long....almost seventy inches!! Note to can really stretch the knitting to measure when you have a mixture of knit and purl stitches like this one was. So that is finished and I should really get the dye pots out but have been sorting sheep and llama fleece and getting it washed up and ready to card. Am so excited as I finally ordered a new carding machine.....electric....three drum....and you can take the carded fleece off in roving if you want to. I have been saving for a few years to buy it. It is a Patrick Green Supercard. I bought my first carder off them years ago and loved it, I had two drums I could use on it, one drum with fine teeth for the finer fibre's. But you had to turn the drum by hand and when the Grandson's were small they enjoyed sitting there turn it for me (there might have been cookie bribery involved) but now it is just me and it takes forever, now if I had three arms it would be faster but I don't. Patrick Green can not make the carders fast enough, they always have a list of people on a waiting list, so I have my name on the list and if everything goes o.k. I could get mine in the fall. Meanwhile I will get all my fibre ready for carding and this winter I will be the carding fool!! When I spoke to a processing mill that has a dehairer they said that they would wash and dehair my llama fibre for me and then I can card it myself, I can add what ever other fibre I want to it. Today we had sun this morning but now a few clouds have moved in north of us they are having a real snowstorm, we need the moisture but.....could we just have a nice rain?? It is supposed to be nice this weekend so it will be outside work, getting all the trash out of the flower beds and I guess I better take the evergreen branches off the front railing, will miss them......where will I take pictures of my knitting????

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Yvette said...

I have that issue of Creative Knitting and have tried that pattern! I failed miserably being unable to master the wrap. Yours looks fabulous!