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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yummy Fleece

This is what I have been up lately. Last summer I brought two bags of sheeps wool home from the guild to wash up for them and I am just getting at it. It is what was left over from a sheep to Shawl a couple years ago so the grease had set into it so was really stuck together. Washed the white one first and it is so beautiful, could not keep myself away while it was drying on the screen, just had to pick and fluff!! Yesterday I washed the grey fleece and it is so nice too. Now here is my problem.....I covet the fleece....could I say that it went bad???........could I say that the fleecefairy took it?? I don't think there is a group called Fiberpig Anonymous is there? Please let me know if there is as I really need to belong!! I am still knitting on the "too much yellow scarf" and have been spinning the merino/mohair roving, wanted to have two large spools full and then ply it, I am spinning it very thin as I was thinking of knitting something lacy.....but this is taking a long might end up being a large spool navaho plyed, I will force myself along the ordinal plan...but I might cave. This morning we woke up to wet snow covering the ground and cloudy sky but the sun has come out and the snow has disappeared. Better go enjoy it, will go out and check how fast my little plants are coming up.

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Val said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. We didn't get that much snow! Wish we did, its very dry here. I'm sure your little plants will do well when the snow melts.
I can relate to the fleece hoarding! I have a barn of fleeces but often want to keep them - must force myself to use them! Love the "too much yellow" scarf. Fun pattern.