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Monday, April 21, 2008

Winter is Back!!

Winter is back at our house and it is so depressing.I had just cleaned out my front flowerbeds and my little plants were coming up and now they are covered with four feet of wet heavy snow. I kept wondering why they were so late coming up....I think they knew something we didn't. Now I am feeling bad that I removed their mulch protection and watered them to make them grow!!! Have I killed them?? I have to stop thinking about it. We had terrible winds and blowing snow for the last couple of days, drifts all over, could not get in our front door. We have had a lot of snow in April before but never had it so cold. They say we have a couple more days of snow and cold!! I did get some yarn dyeing accomplished so will have to take some pictures, did some knitting and ripping out, I knit a hat and right after I had finished it and worked my ends in I noticed a mistake about halfway down......halfway down!! It was knit out of a do you see where you had sewn your ends in??? I had to finally cut into the yarn and work around to find an end to finally get it ripped back. I have reknit and really checked for mistakes and it is finished. That is what happens when you leave your knitting in the middle of a row. I have to get myself involved in a project to take my mind off the weather and my little plants....right? Actually the best thing would be more yarn dyeing......the day really goes by when I am playing with painting skeins of yarn. Other thoughts on the weather we have.......were we too smug when other parts of the country were getting all that snow dumped on them......are we being punished?? I am trying to hold the thought that we really needed the moisture.

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