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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dyed Yarn

Took some pictures of the yarn I dyed on the weekend. Notice there is no yellow in this batch....had enough yellow when I knit the "Too much Yellow scarf" now there is some green in one ball which was yellow and blue mixed together but I don't think that counts....right? All the balls are mill spun yarn except for the small ball in the front, it is a mixture of Alpaca/Mohair/Merino that I spun up. Loved the way it turned out. Might be nice in some fingerless gloves?? Will have to think about that. Had a day of baking and doing laundry so was a good start to the week. A bit of snow today but not much wind, was weird to have an overcast sky and snowing and yet the sun was shining through enough to make a sunbeam for the cats to lay in. After tomorrow it is supposed to warm up....hopefully.

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Val said...

Lovely colors! I especially like the color of your handspun yarn. What kind of dyes do you use?