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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful Summer Day!!

After a couple of days of wind we finally have a great day and look what is blooming, a new lily plant I bought to replace one the mice did in, I could not believe how big the flower buds were getting, thought the plant was going to topple over with the weight of them, then looked out the window yesterday morning and here it was...the first bloom!! The "Swoopers" must have found a new place for their nest as they have stopped trying to get into the house, I see them just flying by, thank-goodness, it was getting to be a chore to get in the front door without them coming in too. Have been trying to make a decision on what color to paint the wooden railing coming up to the front door. The safe and boring pick would have been white but I wanted something a bit different so decided on a pinky brown color, I is hard to describe...painted a piece of board and sat it on top of the railing to look at for a few days....maybe the paint should have been a bit lighter...well I am going to go for it, if I think it is too dark I will get some more white paint to mix in the original color for the second coat (seems I am always doing that) I got a couple of planters that fit over the rail and have them planted...and there they set...waiting for the rail to be it is get out there and do some painting or forget about it until next year....I am getting a paint brush as we speak...also have a another problem, a spider has laid her eggs in her web against one end of the railing but I see they are hatching this morning so if I start at the other end hopefully they will be hatched and gone before I get to them. Well am on my way to paint....or put the planters up...and wait until next year to paint....

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