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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The weeds say...yup....summer is here!!

What have I been up to?? As you notice...not blogging....It seems I have been doing nothing but trying to play catch-up since the weather finally decided to get with the season. Everything is so far behind. We finally have all the shearing of the animals finished and I got a couple fleeces ready for a fleece show but now to get at the rest of the fleece sorting. Remember the garage that was going to be my place to sort etc. etc.??....well is still at the stage it was last patience is wearing a bit Monday when it was raining RH was wondering what he should do...I asked him if it was raining in the garage...and if he had gas for the it was not raining in the garage and yes he had gas for the bobcat, so now the floor is leveled in the garage and we had a load of gravel delivered so now he is out putting that down on the floor and then comes the infloor heating whatever that was given to him when he helped build a chicken barn a few years ago. The cement man is supposed to be giving us a quote on the cement and finishing....what is taking so long on getting the quote???...his computer is not working properly...and he just might have to sit down and figure it out himself...I really feel bad for that poor man!! Meanwhile we were given one of those garage/tent things, the cover needed replacing and for a while I was getting so excited as a company said they could make me a plastic cover for it and I would use it for a greenhouse...but we got a replacement cover and moved all the fleece into it that was in the garage....there is so much stuff in it I can not set the sorting table up. The painting of trim in the house is on hold while I try to rescue my flowerbeds that the mice demolished during the winter. They did a lot of damage and I lost most of my bulbs so have been replacing them and have you ever does not matter how bad the weather is...the weeds still have been trying to get them under control too. The good thing is the garden got planted and it is up, the only damage from the last snowfall is the bean plants had just come up and although we covered them most of the beans froze so have to plant some more. We had used evestroughing pieces to cover the rows of the peas and beans and when we took them off we lay them down beside the raised beds....and wow!! what great gopher traps they are!! have been teaching Maxx to go check the garden occasionally and when he goes down the gophers hide under the evestrough and he can turn the trough's over himself and get them so at the moment there have been no gophers in my raised beds, I hope they have got the message that the garden is not their grocery store!!I have also been spinning a bit each day as I am so behind on the fibre front, have been carding the llama fibre I had washed and dehaired at the mill with some merino and silk and so far have one spool spun up and will start a new one today, am spinning it very fine so takes a while and am slowly knitting on socks, had planned to knit four pair a month but at the moment am really behind and fall markets are going to be here before I know it. Still have not discovered what bird left the egg on my doorstep, am beginning to think a nasty bird robbed someones nest and dropped the egg on the step and was disturbed before it could eat it. The little birds that were looking for a nesting box....I thought they were looking for a box....but it turns out they were cliff or barn swallows and they do not nest in boxes, their cousins the tree swallows took over the nesting boxes, well the cliff swallows are back and have decided they should nest in my house and there has been discussion about that and my answer is no-way...and the sad looks are not going to change my mind...their names are The "Swoopers". Found them sitting so sadly on the evestrough by the front door during the rain the other day. Everytime we go out the door I am afraid they are going to swoop into the house. Well off I go to water the flowers and the garden and tend to a few more weeds.

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Anonymous said...

youve been very busy, anywonder you havent been blogging :) take care and will pop in on your part of the world again soon :)