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Monday, June 1, 2009

Gone to the birds!!

I can not believe the month of May went by that fast!! What have I been doing?? Trying to kill myself off...that is what!! I am still doing the house cleaning, painting trim around windows and doors and let us not even mention cleaning all the venetian blinds on the twenty-one large windows in this house....and there are not blinds on all the windows.In the laundry room I had to stand balancing on the corners of the dryer to reach the window to first paint the trim then wash the blind and then the window and the one point I had thought maybe I should have hooked a water bottle...some pain killers...and my cell phone to my belt just incase I fell off the dryer. Well got that all done but when I went to use the dryer...somehow...and who knows how it happened.....when I turned the dryer on the drum inside was hitting the top of the dryer lid...have to work at getting these extra pounds off I guess. RH said he would have a look at it....a few days later when he ran out of clean clothes he finally got at it and with the help of a 2x4 he managed to pop the top back up so yesterday was spent washing clothes. Got the garden all planted and things are starting to come up and the trees are leafing out and the grass is finally green, I have to go to the greenhouse and get some more lillys etc. to replace the ones the mice did in on me. What a mess they made, have been waiting to see what I have left. We have taken pieces of pvc pipe and put mouse seed in them and placed them in the flowerbeds and the raised veg beds and so far they are under control. When I said sister Jeannie that I had the garden all planted and got the mouse seed out...she said what!! now you are growing mice!! I said it is not that type of seed... Then I had that beautiful white poppy last year with the purple center, when I bought it at the plant store the poor little thing was sitting there with no label on it and wow!! it was the best buy I made. I sent a picture of it to my Aunt in Washington and she sent me a seed cat. from down there that had seeds I could buy to grow them. So I ordered a pk of the white and a pk of the pink and red. When it came time to plant them and I opened the pk thinking I would seeds...and I would just plant a few...all there was in the pks was this bit of planted it all. I had them under my grow light and they came up and last week I potted them in their own many plants did I get???? I have sixty-one little poppies sitting under the grow light...what can I say, a few will not make it as they were pretty small but it looks like I will have a poppy farm. I had started some dahlias from seed under the light and they are complaining bitterly as it is so crowded, maybe I should get another light...but then you know what would happened...yup...been there done that...had a whole ping pong table full of plants one year...lights hanging from the ceiling...plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling around them...I will confine myself to one light.
Now today we were going to start shearing the llamas and alpacas but it rained last night so have to let them dry out first, good thing RH cut all the grass around the place the last couple of days. I don't know how it can be 25C one day and then drop down to the single digits the next day. RH took off with the recycling stuff so that will be out of the way. We did not get the floor in the garage last fall as we ran out of warm weather so we have to get that done but before we could get at it we had to find someplace to put everything that we had stored in the garage...mainly all my gift fibre. A friend gave us his tent/garage thingy but it needed a new canvas cover, we finally got the new cover and last week put it up beside the garage. RH got all the frame work up, I had said to him becareful of the little evergreen, he was the only tree on the whole quarter section and the cows had chewed him down all those years and we brought him up to the yard area and he has been so happy and grown so well, RH said he is o.k. I have left lots of room for him....wellll...I went out later to see if he needed help...he said he had to move the tent legs as he had them too far out....but....I said what about little tree..his branches are sticking into the tent!! So he had to move the legs again. so we put the canvas topper the wind...we managed to get it up over the top all the time I was thinking we could be flying away in a hotair balloon with no basket any moment. Well when we got it over the top we realized we had it the wrong way around and had to take it back down turn it and put it back the wind!! But it is up and we moved everything from the garage into it. Then Friday we went over to friends and RH sheared their five llamas and I helped them sort the fibre...that was our holiday, now onto ours.....we have forty plus animals.
One day these little birds arrived on the deck looking for a nesting box, so had to drop everything and get the nesting boxes up. It was so funny how excited they and their other little friends were about the boxes, the flying and flipping around, doing a happy dance in the sky. I was down at the garden watering when they were trying to make the decision which box to chose, we had put up four of them, grandsons had made them at scouts one year and I was gifted with them. I took some pictures of them. You know me...I wanted to run out and buy enough lumber to build more nesting boxes to put all around the yard. Controlled far...
Not too much on the fibre front going on, did get a scarf crocheted but have not taken a picture of it yet, it is blocking right now and of course the steady sock knitting in odd moments. Well better get back to the painting and hopefully the shearing if the weather clears up, have to get fleeces ready for the upcoming fleece shows!!


Anonymous said...

Betty its so good to catch up with the goings on in your everyday life - and even better to hear that the garden is planted and you are now able to get outside and enjoy the springtime ;)

Val said...

I like the idea of having your cell phone if you should fall! I won't take the chance of accidents lightly since my leg breaking fall.
The first photo looks like a barn swallow, but the other photos look like immature purple martins (who love nest boxes) or tree swallows (who also like nesting boxes). Lovely.