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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain Day Today

After it being so dry we have been having rain, actually some wild rain and a bit of hail, just as my big white poppy was going to bloom, Glad I took the picture of the first flower even though the wind was blowing as the flowers are pretty ragged right now. The lily did its blooming of all the flowers, was so pretty but does not last long.Usually the plants on the front step are safe from the weather but for some reason the hail storm came from the wrong direction so there was a fast move of all the pot plants into the house. I did paint the front railing the pinky brown color and I love it, think I will paint the railing around the back deck the same color. Got my planters on the top rail and they look great. The garden is doing great after the slow start, the beans are the only thing that suffered in the snow, they are slowly....too slowly coming back. The floor in the garage was poured yesterday and they were here all day troweling, glad it was them doing the troweling. Now to let it dry enough I can move my fibre stuff in. On the fibre front I am still carding llama fibre with some merino and silk and spinning it pictures as it is is pretty boring. Have one bobbin full and another half full, had to card up a bit more fibre yesterday so hope I have enough carded to fill the bobbin. Trying to decide what colors I am going to dye it, spun it very fine so is taking ages. Also have knit three more pair of socks, have to do a count of how many I have, wanted to knit four pair a month this year as I never have enough when fall markets arrive but think I am running behind. and I do have to get the dye pots out and going. Well off I go to spin a bit and should do some baking while the weather is cool.


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - the deck looks great! love that colour - the garden looks good too :) am going to start spinning up your llama tomorrow as its a wee bit late here now and i should be in bed!

nona/granny said...

Hi Betty

I miss seeing what you're up to! You must be harvesting like crazy