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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snow June!!

What can I say.........this started last night and continues today!! Baa and humbug!! We have been shearing llamas and alpacas all week, we had started with the two male alpacas but then we did not have the right blades for the clipper so ordered some to be put on the bus for the next day and went on shearing the female llamas...thank-goodness as the females have a large barn to get into out of the weather. The boys do not, there is no sense having a barn for them as one would go in and stand in the doorway and not let anyone else in. we have the small brown male in with four llama geldings and one alpaca gelding, he is so timid and the black gelding is such a nasty boy, usual when they are gelded they calm down but not this thing, am so tired of the screaming and fighting. We went to see grandson #3's performance in the play Aladdin, when we left home it was raining hard and cold and on the way back home we ran into a snowstorm and roads were bad, worried all the way home about the two male alpacas, llamas are o.k. as we just shear their blanket...alpacas are naked. All the way home we were trying to figure out where to put the brown Alpaca so he could stay warm and dry, then remembered that we had a small shelter that we use for the goat weanlings and it was not in use at the moment so as soon as we got home RH managed to halter him and put him in the little shelter. I was worried he would be stressed in a new he was happy as can be...he is a loner and so happy to be by himself. The black gelding was o.k., he was with the llama boys.
Now my poor garden, the peas and beans had just come up, they were late because it has been so cool out, what to do!! Finally I thought of the evestroughing we had not put up on the garage yet, the peas and beans are still small enough if we turned them upside down over the plants maybe it would save them so that is what we did, now hope it works. The trees we do have are loaded down with the wet snow and almost flat with the grown, will their be any hope for my berry bushes that were just flowering. Had finally planted the daisies out in the flowerbed, they were getting so rootbound in their pots, the bed is at the front of the house and there is not much snow there so hopefully they will be o.k. Thank-goodness the rest are still in their pots and I could lug them all back into the house. Is this ever going to end!! It went below zero last night, we needed the moisture but could it not be a warm rain??
Now on the happy front...I finally have the crochet scarf blocked and took it's picture before the bad weather started. I am still working on the thin as sewing thread llama yarn I bought on cones, still have lots left, is so much easier to crochet it, knitting takes forever and is hard to knit as the yarn splits so easy. I wanted to do something different with the ends of the scarf so made up an edge....reminder to self...if you are making something up.....and have to repeat it.......WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! The first edge went great....the second one longer as I had to figure out what I had done on the first one. Well might as well go snuggle down with a cup of tea and knit a bit.

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valli said...

are you sure its spring/summer there Betty! your weather sure is topsy turvy.