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Monday, January 3, 2011

First Post of the New Year!! 2011!!

Wishing everyone a great New Year! Managed to get all the knitting finished for customers before 2011!! Was a challenge as I came down with a nasty cold just before Christmas Day. Still having some sinus problems but am on the mend. This year we decided to get an artificial Christmas tree which was another challenge, I have never seen such ugly things posing as trees in my life, had about given up when we came upon this decorated tree in the store they were using as a prop and it was just the one I wanted, I was getting ready to start taking the decorations off and claiming the tree as mine when a clerk came along and said they had others exactly the same for sale and still had a couple in stock. Boy I sure checked it out good to make sure it was the same before we brought it home and the best part is they sold it to us for a fraction of the reg. we have a forever Christmas tree. It has the lights on it so did not have to do the light stringing, only thing we have always had colored lights and these lights were clear but next year we will replace the bulbs. Even the cats had a look at it and said......poo...not can not make a mess with pulling the needles they left it alone. That was really good news!! so tomorrow I will take it down and get everything put away for another year. Turn all the battery powered automated things on for the last time, then out with their batteries and tuck them away.

  Daughter Marijane made this beautiful pin felted character for her father for Christmas, I love it!! Look at the facial expression!
Look what we found when we looked out the window Christmas morning, is this our partridge in the pear tree sitting on the roof of the truck????? It just sat there calmly looking around.
   What did I do New years Eve...besides watching a couple of movies....started knitting on a pair of socks for myself, of all the socks I have knit over the last few years I have never knit a pair for myself, so am starting the year out right...I am going to have socks!! I bought this skein of yarn at the guild sale, dyed by  The Yummy Yarn Studio, loved the color!! Just finished the first sock tonight....I have a hand knit sock!! Now to get another one knit!

Now am off to bed,,,it is 2:00 A,M.  but was determined to finish the sock!!


Anonymous said...

Love the socks Betty. When they are done I hope you'll send me a photo. I am starting a brag wall of projects made with Yummy Yarn and I hope you'll allow me to add yours to the collection.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Will do Sam, took some pictures today as I have them finished!!