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Friday, January 21, 2011

I am still working at the hat!!

I am still knitting at the hat, actually looking at the picture now I have knit quite a bit, once I get the big alpacas knit I only have two small patterns to knit and then I start on the crown which is in pattern while I am decreasing, there has been a fair bit of ripping back which takes as long to rip as it does to knit, not because of stitches being wrong it is mainly because I get carried away and forget to change the back ground color which would not be bad and I could leave it but the back ground for the larger Alpacas each color is four rows and if I have two many or too few it really shows up. one thing I should have done and will do with the next hat (did you hear the hat...someone please lock me up) is cut pieces off the yarns and match them to the colors before I start as they do not match the colors on the charts and a few in the ball are really close in color and it isn't until you have knit a row or two you realize it was not the color you should have used. so there has been a bit of ripping back. Don't you love those little pink Alpacas!! They are so cute. can only knit so long on it or my eyes go crossed. So in between I have been knitting socks. I find the cleaning and cooking etc. just takes too much time away from my knitting!! Am off to bed. Thanks everyone for the great comments.

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Jody said...

I do so luv that looks great!
I looked it up on Ravelry and it was one of the nicest Chullo patterns Ravelry had available. Now I just wish it was a freebie!
It's very cold again here for the next 3 days. Saturday is my day to visit the farm and help with the sheep and alpacas. I will put a bigger coat on my Finn ewe Lacey and feel her tummy and see if she has any signs of an udder yet :-)