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Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost Finished knitting Orders!!

Well have finished all the knitting orders I had to have done in time for Christmas, have two pair of socks to knit and would like to have them finished too but no panic over them, almost have one pair finished and they should have been finished but my right wrist is giving me grief, can not use it today and can not find my brace, it has been at least ten years since I needed it so who knows where it is, so knitting is on hold for a bit. Did some carding of alpaca fibre adding some merino silk to it

And got some soft fluff, which I spun into yarn
And then knit into a pair of fingerless mitts

which completed the order for fingerless mitts
Also had a last minute order for a pair of slipper socks with a leather heel sewn on for an elderly fellow for his wife, he has been a good customer, he loves my socks so got them knit up and off to him. Forgot to get a picture before they left the house. Now to some house cleaning, it gets scary when the dust bunnies are big enough you mistake them for a cat, have had to corral them with the dust mop until I had time to get at vacuuming. Have to get the baking done for the kids and grandsons goody bags, also have to make some plum jam for them, put the plums in the deepfreeze this summer, now to get the jam made up. Sister Jean has been baking up a storm and gave us some of her baking for Christmas which is the best gift ever, have hidden it away from the other person in the house, keep telling him it is a Christmas gift so he can not have it until Christmas Day. Still have not sent my Christmas cards or even written my Christmas letter but then people are used to getting it late, they would be too shocked to get them early, has never happened. We have really had winter here, cold...cold...everything looks so white and clean out there, weatherman says it is supposed to warm up a bit starting tomorrow....hope he is right. Well off to vacuum and decide what to have for supper, had made up a big pot of soup but it is almost done.

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