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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finished my socks!!

 Here are the finished socks, I love them, they are my favorite colors!! Almost hate to wear them...maybe I will frame them and hang them on the I will wear them and have toasty feet, weatherman says cold weather arriving again. Meanwhile have started another project, one of my little sheep hats but I think I have sockitis as I have knit so many of these hats and here I am making mistakes and then ripping out, but it has been a while, I think the problem is I should enlarge the pattern a bit so I can read it while knitting and" of course" my problem could not be this cat that insists on sitting on me while I am knitting.....and the angrier I get at her the suckier she looks at me all the time purring, she has made me a little crazy tonight.
Now my next project is going to be spinning this roving my daughter M.J. gave me for Christmas and it also from The Yummy Yarn Studio. Love it, can not wait to see what it looks like spun up. Spent the day yesterday putting all the Christmas stuff away and sorting shelves in the storage room, now have things piled in the middle of the floor to sort and deal with before I can get at the spinning. Have to discipline myself. No spinning until things are cleaned up. Well am off to bed, this day is done!! And the cat is not coming with me!!

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