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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

O.K. Finally got the heads on the Alpacas!!

I have been sorting fleece to take to the mill so have not knit much on the hat, it just kept sitting there on the table tempting me. Have the fleece sorted and bagged ready to go so could knit a bit tonight. Finally knit the heads on the Alpacas after they sat headless for days, they really are strange looking Alpacas...but they have heads. Then I am knitting on another pattern, they give you choices of different pattern charts to use so chose this one but now am thinking it is almost too dark......although if the bottom was not rolled up it is dark too...soooo....the decision is....should I rip it out and put in a different chart or use the same chart and use different colors...or this would be the better choice....just continue on.....I think there is enough yarn included in the kit to be able to make three hats by changing the colors around so...I think I am going to continue on and not rip out. In a way I wish they had not had all these different patterns for a person to chose from, if they just gave you a pattern to knit for the first hat....of course this is assuming that a person will knit more than one hat......and then had patterns you could use if you did not like what they had chosen.  Hopefully you are following all my is after midnight and my brain is starting to shut down. When I finish the last two rows on this pattern (assuming after I have slept on it I have not decided to rip it out) I only have one small pattern to go and then I start decreasing while I am doing the crown pattern. I am enjoying knitting this hat and think I will be starting another one as soon as this one is completed. I did get the yarn in natural colors to knit some hats from this pattern too, and if I thought some of the colors were close together on this hat......can only imagine how confusing it is going to be in the natural shades. Next time in the colors and natural colors I will really make sure I organize my colors better before I start...and I will also read the pattern instructions this time...almost finished the hat and when I read all the instructions I noticed that I was supposed to knit two rows of color "A" between patterns. Well better figure out who is color "A" before I start the next off to bed...will be making decisions in my sleep I am sure.


Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...

I love the colors! can't wait to see the finished project.

Miriam said...

What a gorgeous hat! I wanted to thank you for the many helpful gluten-free suggestions you made - you were very kind to take the time to share all that with me.

Stay warm! (And have a glass of Nanton water for me! Boy, do I miss it!)