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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where have the days gone?

Time seems to be going so fast, do not know where the days have gone. As we are the directors of the llama show at the Millarville fair we are trying to get everything organized, just finished getting the program for the show all typed into the computer and printed out a copy to take to the printers. Did you hear the big yahoo. Also got all the pictures from last year into the photo album, I like to organize them by winners in class and was hard this year as I was not at the show last year, I with Grandson Brendan looked after the market table, this year we won't do the table on that day so I can be at the show. We are having our first fleece show so that should be interesting. The only entrys I put in this year were three fleeces in the fleece show and of course the saskatoon pie, I got second last year so I have to enter this year...right? First prize was five hundred dollars last year and this year because it is the fairs hundredth year first prize is a thousand dollars.When I was filling out my entry form I was tempted to entry more things, thought about it and then gave myself a good smack.............been there............done that.
Just ran down to the garden and apologized to the vegetables for neglecting them, gave them a little drink and promised to go down and do a better job tomorrow, look like the peas and beans need picking again and there are a few more ripe strawberries needed to be picked too.
But I did have time to knit up a pair of socks out of one of the skeins I dyed, will try to put a picture in. Also spun up some alpaca/kid mohair/merino wool/ roving, did it quite fine as I want to weave some scarves with it, was a lot of spinning and plying but got it done.........600yds. No wonder it seemed I was spinning forever. Had a bit left on the bobbin so am spinning some more, it is a light tan color so will maybe try dyeing some. Well am off to do a bit of spinning before bed.

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