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Friday, August 24, 2007

Time is Flying by again!!

I can not believe that it is Friday already!! Where did the week go! This time last week we were trying to get things ready for the llama show at the fair and of course bake the thousand dollar saskatoon pie! Here is the pie.................does that not look like a prize winner? Somebody did not think so...........never even placed!! But the great news was out of eighty some pies the winner was a thirteen year old girl. But I did come away from the fair with these.I got first, second and third in the fleece class for my llama fleeces. I entered the fleeces in the fleece show at the up coming Llama Conference so had the person who is taking care of it take them with her and I was to send the info to her, there was a class for two oz. of llama fibre picked free of guard hair and trash that someone was going to spin one oz. and it would be judged with the one oz of unspun fibre and I was talked into entering it, as the deadline for getting it in was already over she said if I got it in fast I would make it so............I picked fibre all day Sunday, Sunday was such a overcast day it was hard to see so when I looked at the picked fibre Monday morning.......good still had all this guard hair in it!! So I picked at it all day Monday. (do you ever question your sanity? I am sure I had brain damage from sniffing all that llama fibre) I also needed a picture of the animal the fibre belonged to, also needed pictures for the animals whose fleeces I was entering, I thought well that is no problem as I took good pictures of them when they were sheared. When I went to the computer to print the pictures out.............I COULD NOT FIND THE PICTURES!! After banging my head on the desk for a while I remembered (I guess banging one's head on the desk does produce results)that when I saved the pictures they came up on the computer screen as icons and I had put them in the trashcan and I had not emptied the trash!! So I dug them out!! Now to print them........what a mess, they would not print out I accused the printer of having a hissy fit and I might have said a few bad words, so I decided to put the pictures on a disk and as the resident husband was going into town he would get them printed at a one hour thing. o.k. he came back home with the these people not look at the pictures they print!! One one picture they cut the ears right off the llama!! Well I just had to walk away for a while. After supper when resident husband and resident dog went to bed I had a look at the pictures again trying to decide what to do because this stuff should have been mailed yesterday. I decided maybe I was too harsh on the printer, I would give her another chance at redeeming herself, so I would give one last try on getting her to print a picture..........she did it, the picture printed...........I used the regular color cartridge and not the photo color color color cartridge must be toast. So after I apologized profusely to the printer I got everything packed up to mail the next morning but not (I hate to admit this) before I had entered three more things....completed garments made out of llama fibre that are not made yet. I have to blame it on the brain damage I suffered from all the fibre sniffing and it being after midnight. Somedays I wish they would lock me up and throw away the key!! Wish me luck. I better get on with my day.

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