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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Here I go.....My first Blog

I have been reading and enjoying spinning and knitting blogs for ages always wanting to try my own blog, so here I go not really knowing what I am doing. I own llamas and goats and always seem to be knee deep in bags of fleece but always wanting more...........more..........more. My daughter judged a fleece show a bit ago and I was helping her................not a good thing..........all I could say was do you think they would sell this fleece and wishing I had brought my spinning wheel so I could have spun samples, even if I would have brought my drop spindle.............have to think of that next time.
We finally got all our llamas sheared this year so my time has been spent sorting fleeces, washing fleeces and trying to get some spun up. I bought some alpaca fleeces and had them processed at the local mill so have been also spinning some of that, I had some of the the alpaca mixed with some of the mohair off my goats into sock yarn so have been knitting socks. Then because I can not spin fast enough I bought some wool skeins as I love doing rainbow dying, have got three dye pots done so never know what colors you are going to get!! Also tried some yarn painting but find it is very time consuming (probably because I really do not know what I am doing???) but will keep trying, right now I am painting the skeins for a friend who is knitting mittens. She says the colors are turning out great so have to get in and see them. Next on my list is painting some roving!! I love spinning roving dyed in rainbow colors.I have to get busy creating as the falls sales are coming up fast!! Where did the summer go?? I almost had a panic attack the day I went to town and noticed people were putting hay up.............that means fall is just around the corner.
Well am off to get at my day..........hmmm....would I have time to sneek another dyepot of wool in today?? We will see.


Mj said...

Looks good Mom, do I have to read it everyday? :0) Will there be a test? :0( Brendan thinks I could have a blog and call it The Crazy Lady's Crazy Kid - he has moved down on the favorite meter. Stephen's suggestion is Felted Dragons of Wrath - he might need therapy. I e-mailed some of the SCW ladies your blog address so maybe some will have time to check it out. Talk to you later.

Brendanr said...

Very cool blog :-P

I'm suprised purple fingers is all you have with that amount of dye all over the place...I'd be a rainbow by now if it was me.

I may have moved down on mom's favorite list, but I think I'm still higher then the others :-P after all the chocolate bars and computer repairs :-D of course I'm sure I'm also the cause of most of the gray hairs as well...