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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pictures of dyed Yarn

I did it!! I have been trying to move some pictures into the blog, finally sent an S.O.S. to Brendan (grandson#2) and he gave me instructions..........and I even wrote them down.....still could not move the pictures, was just going to send him another S.O.S. to ask for instructions that even the dog could follow when I figured it least I thought I had figured it out.......still did not work...........then found the problem............I had not checked the little box that said I accepted the terms for posting did that. So the pictures are just plopped in, next thing is to figure out how to move them around. It takes me a long time but I finally get there. Thanks Brendan...........will pay you in home baked cookies.
Was cooler yesterday so decided to bake bread and then I would go down to the garden to pick the peas today...............I should have picked the peas yesterday and baked the bread today. Was only eight above this morning, I almost froze. This morning I got my llama fleeces ready to go for the fibre show at the fair, we had to have them to the drop off by the tenth, then this afternoon I put on my winter coat, woolhat and gloves and went down the garden. So picked the peas and got them shelled. They say rain for tomorrow, we will see. I'm off to do a bit of spinning before bed.

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Brendanr said...

Good job :P glad to hear you got the pictures working. The dyeing looks like it went well, hopefully there are no multicolored cats in the house :D