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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Troubles! Troubles1

Well I was speaking too soon when I said I could post pictures now........many brain cells have been lost....something is going on with blogger and I can not pin it down...except it has not been working and as if that wasn't enough....our internet has been getting slower.... and slower... until we could not open anything. They would not talk to me because my name is not on the is only RH that they will listen to and he will not get his butt in gear and call them....until he could not download book to his reader from the library plus I was getting threatening....if only I thought of hiding his reader until he called them (have to remember that for next time) Well he finally called them and found out our internet provider had been taken over by another company which we did not realize, the original provider still had our old address and our e-mail address although it has stayed the same...they had not written it down properly. As we had not paid for our service for two months they had not totally shut us down they put us on the back burner so while still connected we could not download anything. So RH said he paid them and it would be working in a few minutes and they had emailed us so we could get our password etc etc sorted out and off he went to do whatever and he would not be home until late. The e-mail came up...but I could not open it because they had not fixed the problem....I finally called them...and they would not talk to me...of course....but I did say plenty...and RH could not call them from his cell phone....he had to call them from the house phone. They said he could call them when he got home as they are open 24 hours.So finally RH came home and called them (I said make sure my name is also on the contract too!!!!) So he is on the phone and I have to operate the computer....with my sanity hanging on by a string.....while the guy that controls our internet...can not get that we can not open up the emails he is sending. Finally it got through and I got the password whatever straightened out, but internet was not better. Finally the next morning it was working...while not great...I could download emails and open some sites. You do not realize how you depend on your computer working because you do all your banking and paying bills online these days.When you live out of town you have no choice of internet have to take what is there.So that is my rant!! Now to get blogger working or find another site to host my blog!! So away I go and hope to get another blog post written...and be able to post goes....

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