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Friday, May 20, 2016

The pictures I could not put on the DOG HAIR SWEATER post.....

You would not believe how much time! Loss of brain cells it has taken to get these two pictures into the blog. But I did find some thing new out......This is supposed to be the new improved Blogger?? But by all the complaints I have come across from people....there are no happy people! And to top that off....they want you to import your pictures from Picasa.......which I also in the process of shutting they want you to use Google's photo save whatever...which I subscribed to...and now will not let me in...have to go in and find out what people are saying about that!! Anyway I have managed to download two photos, where they are going to be on the page who knows! And how I managed that I really do not know, can I do it again? Do not know!! I tried to download the original picture she gave me of what she wanted but could not get it to download...will try to figure that one out another day. I have the picture of my starting swatch to see if the yarn we were going to put with the handspun dog yarn was going to work and it looked like it would work. Now the job was getting patterns for the sweater charted! She is so small that the patterns I had or could find online did not go that small so finally found a site where I could download blank sweater charts and they had a small size. There were going to be patterns that had to match up on back and fronts and sleeves, remembering that the handspun was thick and thin and thank-goodness after being knit it formed a halo looking like fur so you could not see the rows and stitches clearly because in order to match the patterns there was some creative increases and decreases being made. The yarn shed so much in being knit that I was covered and everything in the house was covered with dog hair. I have so many allergies but so far was doing o.k. and to my amazement what I had charted and knit was coming out to the right size. I was repeating to myself....I am never touching dog hair again unless it is on a live dog!! The next saga in the making of the Dog Yarn Sweater will be continued when I can recharge my brain cells and get more pictures downloaded!

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