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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Still Carding Alpaca Fibre

First have to get the cute cat picture in, could not find her one morning after RH and Maxx were off to the hardware store to get whatever.....with all the building downstairs there is always something....when I went into the bedroom here she Maxx's bed...doesn't she look comfy. Sheba always looks so cute when she sleeps.

Have had to neglect the blue sweater while I am carding alpaca fibre. Only have to pick up the stitches and knit the button band and then sew the sleeves in and there it sits. Have got the alpaca roving ready to go for my customer so maybe can get at the sweater tomorrow. I carded the alpaca fibre I call Gingerspice with a little fine wool, always like to mix in around 10% wool in my alpaca and it turned out so nice, I spun up a skein just to see how it spun. I find with alpaca or llama to get a nice tight twist I have to put a lot of twist in the singles and the the ply as it has so much life in it. It was a dream to spin, have to get some more carded for me to spin.        

The picture shows the fibre and yarn lighter than what it really is, I carded the grey alpaca with some pewter colored fine merino roving and it turned out so nice, have called it shades of pewter.  Just starting spinning a bit of it so have no pictures yet. Then I went searching in my containers as I thought there had to be some more fibre already carded and I found it plus some more washed and ready to card, was so excited to find some of my lost yarn and fibre, was a good day!! It has been nine months since I have seen all my stash, it was just like Christmas. It is so good to be working with the fibre and spinning again. Actually it is after midnight and I should be going to bed...but....I keep thinking...I could spin just a bit. RH and Maxx are off to bed...cats just ate their midnight snack to hold them over......I am going to go spin for just a bit.........the wheel and fibre are calling to me.

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