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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Blue Sweater is coming out of Time I will too!!

This is Sheba...she does not care if I just make her into the bed....she just lays there making a lump...until I dig her out...she thinks that as she is getting attention all is good in her world.
   Well the blue Sweater is out of time out and almost finished!! Only have a few rows on the cap of the sleeve and then can start sewing it up. It has been so hard to not start something new...even though I am knitting I can not stop thinking about what I would like to knit next......and it isn't something that needs finishing...that is the sad part. I had this great idea....which is still popping up I am knitting the blue sweater......that this sweater would
look great knit up out of the llama/merino/soy silk.....that is still roving in bags that needs to be spun...I really need help!!
   For the last few weeks I have been wanting to get the carder going and get some alpaca fibre carded and into roving for a customer, first I had to find the alpaca fibre in the seacan storage container in the yard, so after rummaging around for a bit, it was found and then it was get the carder set up downstairs where RH has been finishing the basement....I keep saying I need some space to get my stuff set up...he says he still has to do some filling....then he is painting...then he is putting the ceiling tile up...stuff is all over the place...finally I went down and said this is going to be my corner and I have the carder set up and going while he is putting ceiling tile up practically over my head, but I have a pound of roving already packaged into roving and some more carded. he is now finished the corner by the!! Now I can move over to that area. We did get all the shelving up in the storage room and filled them with boxes, shelving in the closets up...and filled them with my containers of fibre/yarn etc....and there are still boxes sitting around. But I was so happy to have the carder going, now am going to get the spinning wheels out. will we ever get things organized.
   We had Mr Fixit man from the place we bought the house live with us for a couple days doing repairs caused when the house was moved...cracks in the walls that is finished and we can get some pictures hung and I really need to decide on the window coverings one of these days, it is going to get pretty warm in here when summer arrives. Did not want to put anything up until all the building downstairs is finished as there is dust all over the place.
    Was so windy again today, we have had hardly any snow all winter so it is so dry outside and it does not help that we have nothing but dirt around the house, I so need to see some green!! I will even take a good dump of wet snow as long as we get some moisture, am hoping the plants I moved down here have survived the bad winds and no moisture. have been thinking about getting the hoses out and watering them down. Well am off to is already tomorrow...March 17th...Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!

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