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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Day!!

Well we have a snow day today! Why are we surprised? It is the end of Feb and we have had such a mild winter...I should be whispering this...we could still get a lot more snow days. What shows the feeling about snow days than this picture.
     Am still working on the blue sweater...have finished the fronts and am now working on one of the sleeves...thought about working both sleeves at once but then thought it could be tempting fate...although...if there was a mistake in my knitting......they would be matching...right? Anyway am only knitting one at a time and was doing sooo well...making sure I marked what row I finished before I put my knitting down...then I had not been able to work on it for a couple of I thought I would knit a few rows while I had a cup of tea...found I had not marked what row I ended with,  thought I knew which row I was on and four rows knit found out it was not right so by the time I ripped back the rows I just knit and knit them again...only got an inch knit!! Now I have put it in time out...actually I guess I am in time out...what am I going to do in time out...see if I can find something chocolate...hmmm....might have to bake something...made some gluten free chocolate chip squares the other day... they were so good...but of course they are all eaten.... and can not get them off my mind.......
When the blue sweater or I am in timeout I knit socks, have all the orders knit and delivered so am trying to knit up as many as I can to stash away, although when orders come in it always happens I do not have the size or color they want. But I will be ahead for the farmers markets coming up in the spring. Just got my yarn order back from the mill this week, I had sent my alpaca fibre in about a year ago and it finally was finished, you know I had forgotten the color of the alpaca fibre I had sent...thought I had sent a mixture of colors but it must have been black fibre as the yarn came back a beautiful black. Have almost finished a pair of socks out of it and I love it. Just got the socks I have finished soaking in their bath and will get them  out to dry in a minute.
Also wanted to dye some of the grey alpaca/merino yarn to knit some pattern into the grey socks and give them some zazz. RH is off to a Llama club meeting today so I should get the socks blocked out to dry and get the dye pot on the stove while I have no interruptions...and of course...after I find some chocolate........

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Jody said...

Gorgeous socks! I bet they will be superwarm :-)