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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Markets Done!! But Still Knitting!!

All our markets are over for this year although I am still finishing up orders, hopefully by the end of this week I will be finished them. Last market was not the greatest,  we were so crowded together in the area we were in it was hard to even move...even the customers. My allergies to dust and all the perfumed items almost did me in, Friday was bad as they were open until 9 pm as they had a Santa Parade and it was so cold out and having to drive home in a cold car.....not good!! I had finally decided on what decoration to put on my felt hats and managed to get flowers crochet and sewn on four of the hats, took them really not knowing if customers would be interested in them. Well the four sold right away and people wanted to buy the flowers I had made, of course I had not made any flowers for sale that were not on the hats. Sat. I took the other three hats and yarn to make the flowers and as fast as I made and sew the flowers on the hats they were sold. A person just never knows what will appeal to customers, for some reason the way the hats were made they pretty well suited everyone, people would say they did not look good in hats and then they would try them on and never want to take them off, I really liked the pink hat and thought I might keep it......well it was the first one to sell. Will have to make some more after Christmas.

So it is just knit...knit...knit  around here and my right wrist is swollen and sore which I am trying to ignore. I know I am knitting too fast but it is hard to slow down as I want to get everything finished and off to customers so I can get my baking and house cleaning done up and get organized for Christmas around here. Well off to bed, we have had nice sunny weather for the last few days but is to get colder tomorrow. Cats had been sleeping but right now are running around doing something.......good grief... they have pulled the stuffing out of their toy and it is all over the Grey Kitty is carrying around the stuffing-less toy talking to it like it was her baby. Better go clean things up and hope they also realize it is bedtime!!!


Shelley said...

Love those big, beautiful flowers!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Thanks Shelley, I thought they were a bit large but customers loved them!!