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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Knitting and Knitting and Knitting.................

Am late in posting, our market on the weekend was so successful I do not have many knitted items left so that is what I have been doing is knitting and then some more knitting. So far have a pair of socks and a pair and a half of fingerless mitts, hopefully will finish the other pair tomorrow. Have a Dr. appointment tomorrow but RH has to go into town too so he can drive and I will knit while he drives. Did not get the hats decorated to put on the table last week so will have them done for the coming market, the market this coming weekend is two days, thank-goodness I have enough yarn and fibre to cover the table. Friend and partner Gaby is also at home knitting up a storm, she knits the mitts for our tables and she sold many of them. Took a picture of our table while it was well stocked, Gaby is behind the  table.
Had dyed up a few pots of wool for the market and of course forgot to take pictures until I had everything packaged up ready to go. Took a picture of what I had left after the market, I dyed enough to cover the coming market thank-goodness. Should have dyed a couple more pots but this will have to do.   
    I have been working on a website and hopefully in the new year I can get the fibre page up, just have not had time lately, am really looking forward to January when things slow down a bit. Well my website such as it is is out there on the web but I have not advertised it as yet so it was a surprise when this lady came over and said she had been on my website and read my blog!! That was so super. They had the tables across from us, she had beautiful scarves on her table and her husband creates beautiful  pottery . Evaneseenee Gallery and Art Studio    I am getting him to make me a special pot...which I will share with you later.
     Well it is after midnight here and I think my eyes are saying it is bedtime!!  And so is my brain!!

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