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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

O.K found the picture!! It was not filed where I thought it was, I have to take some time to get my pictures filed properly. The llama roving is so soft and fluffy!!

Snow Day Today

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground again, everything white, but it was quiet snow, just slowly coming down and now the sun is trying to come out. Wonder what Mr (Mrs) Gopher is doing? I could not believe it... the other day I looked out the window and here was this fat gopher sitting their munching on some dried grass....does that mean spring is just around the corner?? do not know what he is eating....and no....I am not going to feed him. I better get my plans going on how I am going to protect my garden this a challenge every year....and I am determined to win.
The ceramic tiling is ongoing, is interesting trying to put down floor tile in a room full of stuff, it is a matter of tiling a space and when it is finished move stuff onto the finished tile and tile another spot...and on you go. My allergies from the dust etc are getting to me so am living on antihistamines so am not too sharp these days....the good thing sharp or not I can still knit, thank-goodness.
The llama and sheep hats were delivered and were a big hit and I have orders for more when I want to make them, I said let me have a bit of a break and I will get at them, so am having a sock knitting time until I get tired of them and then will do some more hats. Our Llama association is thinking of knitting scarves out of llama yarn to sell at the convention this fall so I whipped up a scarf to gauge about how much yarn it would take, I have been knitting a bit on the feather and fan scarf I started last year out of the very fine llama yarn, it is like knitting with sewing thread so is not fast and then found a ball of yarn so I can finish the childs sweater and I did a bit of spinning, I had carded up some llama with a bit of merino wool last year and it has been sitting there being admired, thought it was time I made it into something. Have got half of it spun and working on the next bobbin, it is soo soft. When I started gathering up all the projects I had sitting here and there around the house it was a bit scary, and that is not even thinking about ufo's sitting in drawers and closets. The good news is they are going to start processing the llama and alpaca fibre I sent to the mill a year ago, I had not heard from them so e-mailed to see where I was on the list, I have forgot what exactly I sent to be processed. Now the decision...should I get then to just wash and put it through the dehairer and then I can card it with what I want or should I get it processed into roving or yarn??
Well off to knit on a sock or vacuum.....hmmmm....big decision. For some reason the picture I was going to add is lost in the to recover it!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

We are cold again!!

Well after a few warm sunny days we are back into the deepfreeze, woke up to fresh snow on the ground this morning. Cats are snuggling together to keep warm, they miss the sunbeam coming through the windows. I finished knitting the third scarf and hat set, will take pictures when I get them blocked, knitting three sets in a row was almost too much, started a little childs sweater and I think I am going to run out of yarn, it is an acrylic yarn, wanted to try out the pattern before I knit it out of something else, thought I had two balls but guess not, will have to pick another one up if I can not find some matching plain in my stash, we will see. The royal blue yarn was delivered to the customer so that is done. Finished writing the article on dyeing for the llama newsletter so can erase that off the list and tonight I started a sock out of some alpaca and wool, have it half finished. Have no socks in stock at all, so have to get busy at them, my carder has been calling me but can not get to my workroom as RH is still putting tile on the floor, pretty soon he will have the area where my workroom is finished and I can get at things again. My geranium's are blooming, have to cut them back and get some slips to root for the spring. My houseplants need potting sooooo bad, a jade plant and a aloe plant have tried to get my attention to their situation by throwing them selves out of their pots. I better give them some attention. Well off to bed....Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone...wishing you lots of yummy chocolate.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Muggles loving the blue

Finally found the picture of the royal blue yarn, having a terrible time finding some of the pictures when I down load with this program, they seem to go into never..never land and I have to rescue them!! This is Muggles loving the blue yarn.

Where does the time go?

The weather has been warmer so am in muddy paw weather, after seeing all these videos on how smart Jack Russels are I said to Maxx if all those dogs can do what they do you can learn to wipe your own paws when you come in...and he is working at it but when it is mud I have to help out as sometimes it is legs and tummy too. It is nice to be able to open the windows for a while, have to watch the wind as when we get warm weather we also get the wind, left a message for our roof guy that some more shingles need replacing, windfence helps if that is the direction the wind is from but if it comes a different direction it is no help. Trying to think of what I have been doing....went to shop for groc. the first of the week and came home with an order for some wool yarn and she wanted royal blue so had to get the dye pots out, now she wanted five skeins which is a little crowded for the pots I have and have been wanting a larger one, so phoned the local hardware and I could not believe they had a large canning pot!!...I thought they only came in one size, it is exactly what I wanted, it is so large I have to put it on the stove before I put water in it and I have to remove the yarn and bail the water out as there is no way you could lift it, it does not even have handles to lift it, they probably thought if they put them on someone would try to lift it and hurt themselves. I have to find a rack to put in it to use it for a steamer, I can steam a lot of yarn at once in that pot. So have the yarn all dyed and ready to deliver, should dye some more while everything is sitting here. Finished the blue scarf with the multi-colors and made a hat to match and have started on the lighter blue one. Also finished an acrylic scarf out of a soft boucle'.
I managed to keep the poinsettia alive from last year, first time that has happened and I could not believe it the other day when I found that it was starting to bloom, now it's bloom is pretty pitiful compared to when I got it but I am so excited it has tried to bloom...I think that is a miracle.
Posting a picture of Grey would not believe there is a heat vent under her....that is how she keeps warm....silly cat!! Well off to knit a bit before bed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finished the Hats!!

Well the computer is fixed, the only thing is a lot of the programs were updated so have to figure out how to understand the changes and when I put the info for the new camera in the computer all the picture setting changed and am having a terrible time sorting out what is going on with my pictures when they get downloaded but good thing is I am not getting dumped every so often in the middle of doing something. Finally got all the little hats knit up and am now working on a hat to match the blue tone scarf I finished knitting. And we took the alpaca fibre up to the mill this week and had a great visit with everyone there. We acquired another gift llama this week, we were worried about him fitting in with the other geldings as he has been a sheep guard since he was young and has not been around another llama, so we kept him in the corral overnight and let him out with the others....and no was like he had been with them all his life, thank goodness I tell you after all the hassle we had with the other llamas that came to live with us a month ago, so far harmony exists in the barnyard but we do have a very large coyote coming too close to the buildings, Maxx the Jack Russel thinks he should be out there getting after it so is not happy when he has to stay in the house, he has to wait until the Pyrenees chases it away and then he can go out and sniff around the tracks. Our weather has warmed up enough for us to have to deal with muddy paws. We are supposed to have a warm week so hopefully I can get out to the garage and sort some llama fibre to send to the mill and get it processed, the mill I took some llama and alpaca fibre to last March still has not got it processed yet, will have call them again to see what the problem is. Now that the hats are finished I just have an article on dyeing fibre and yarn to write up for the llama newsletter and then I can get back to some carding and spinning but my mind is already in overdrive thinking about a great idea I have in weaving something with a wool blank I have already dyed. Also have to think about getting the dye pots out again...not enough time in the day...or the week...or the month, but it does make the cold months go by faster...right?