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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finished the Hats!!

Well the computer is fixed, the only thing is a lot of the programs were updated so have to figure out how to understand the changes and when I put the info for the new camera in the computer all the picture setting changed and am having a terrible time sorting out what is going on with my pictures when they get downloaded but good thing is I am not getting dumped every so often in the middle of doing something. Finally got all the little hats knit up and am now working on a hat to match the blue tone scarf I finished knitting. And we took the alpaca fibre up to the mill this week and had a great visit with everyone there. We acquired another gift llama this week, we were worried about him fitting in with the other geldings as he has been a sheep guard since he was young and has not been around another llama, so we kept him in the corral overnight and let him out with the others....and no was like he had been with them all his life, thank goodness I tell you after all the hassle we had with the other llamas that came to live with us a month ago, so far harmony exists in the barnyard but we do have a very large coyote coming too close to the buildings, Maxx the Jack Russel thinks he should be out there getting after it so is not happy when he has to stay in the house, he has to wait until the Pyrenees chases it away and then he can go out and sniff around the tracks. Our weather has warmed up enough for us to have to deal with muddy paws. We are supposed to have a warm week so hopefully I can get out to the garage and sort some llama fibre to send to the mill and get it processed, the mill I took some llama and alpaca fibre to last March still has not got it processed yet, will have call them again to see what the problem is. Now that the hats are finished I just have an article on dyeing fibre and yarn to write up for the llama newsletter and then I can get back to some carding and spinning but my mind is already in overdrive thinking about a great idea I have in weaving something with a wool blank I have already dyed. Also have to think about getting the dye pots out again...not enough time in the day...or the week...or the month, but it does make the cold months go by faster...right?


valli said...

i love your hats they are the "bees knees" - im going to have to start making some more hats soon as i havent knit a beanie in ages! :)

Shelley's Garden said...

The new llama must have been so happy to be in with llamas. A sheep guard, Wow! I agree with valli on the hats. Mud seasons and inside animals can be annoying but still worth it to have the animals.

Val said...

The hats are so cute. I like the sheep pattern.
The mild weather has been such a breath of fresh air hasn't it.