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Friday, February 13, 2009

We are cold again!!

Well after a few warm sunny days we are back into the deepfreeze, woke up to fresh snow on the ground this morning. Cats are snuggling together to keep warm, they miss the sunbeam coming through the windows. I finished knitting the third scarf and hat set, will take pictures when I get them blocked, knitting three sets in a row was almost too much, started a little childs sweater and I think I am going to run out of yarn, it is an acrylic yarn, wanted to try out the pattern before I knit it out of something else, thought I had two balls but guess not, will have to pick another one up if I can not find some matching plain in my stash, we will see. The royal blue yarn was delivered to the customer so that is done. Finished writing the article on dyeing for the llama newsletter so can erase that off the list and tonight I started a sock out of some alpaca and wool, have it half finished. Have no socks in stock at all, so have to get busy at them, my carder has been calling me but can not get to my workroom as RH is still putting tile on the floor, pretty soon he will have the area where my workroom is finished and I can get at things again. My geranium's are blooming, have to cut them back and get some slips to root for the spring. My houseplants need potting sooooo bad, a jade plant and a aloe plant have tried to get my attention to their situation by throwing them selves out of their pots. I better give them some attention. Well off to bed....Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone...wishing you lots of yummy chocolate.


Anonymous said...

your a busy little bee - lots of knitting and my son asked if your cats are called yin and yang ;)i thought that was funny and very clever of him. Betty do you knit your socks out of handspun yarn or shop sockyarn?

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi Valli, ying and yang...that is funny. The yarn I make my socks from I get made at the local mill from my alpaca and mohair and they add merino wool and nylon, because I do a lot of business with them I get a producers price on everything I get there. I buy their white merino yarn to dye for my colored yarn. I use my handspun for hats and scarves etc. I find that is the best ratio of time spent on making an item to what I can charge for it. Millspun yarns because they can put a bit of nylon in it wears the best for socks.

valli said...

your sockyarn sounds great :)

p.s we have moved home - click my name link it will take you there - is it getting any warmer in Canada yet?

Shelley's Garden said...

What beautiful blue wool! Your grey cat is very smart. You would have been very proud of MJ's presentation tonight. She had folks chuckling, delighting in her work and she began her talk by telling about the Mom who inspired her.