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Monday, January 28, 2008

Brrrr It is cold outside

I am so glad we took the alpaca fibre up to the mill last Tuesday, wind was blowing and the snow was blowing over the side roads but we got there and back. I also washed up some really soft alpaca fibre, I have to keep touching it as I go by. Now have to finish carding the black alpaca and clean the carder and I can start carding this fluffy soft stuff. Also finished a pair of thrum slippers for Grandson #1, just have to put the leather on the heel and wait for the weather to warm up to get them to him. Also knitted a pair of heavier wool GLOVES!!for resident husband, never got them washed and blocked or a picture taken, he wore them hot off the needles and by now they are covered in hay bits but he says they do the job, warm hands, he puts them in his heavy leather mitts. I have only knit a pair of gloves once before many years ago and he lost one so am going to knit another pair of the same color in case that happens again......why am I saying in case.....he will be losing them. I had not knit another pair because I was afraid of all those fingers to knit but with my bamboo needles it was not a problem at all, the needles are so light they do not fall out of the stitches. All my patterns are for the fine yarn so found one on the net for heavier yarn but did not really care the way they did the increases for the thumb so will make a few changes on the next pair.
It was minus thirty-four this morning with a wind so it is cold, were afraid to go out and see how the animals made out but resident husband says no one was frozen so far. He bedded them down with straw pretty good last night and sun was out for a bit so hopefully everyone makes out o.k. tonight, it is supposed to be even colder!! They say the wind chill is minus forty-eight with the wind. Think I will go get myself a cup of tea and knit a bit.


nona/granny said...

Ok, like, this is the third time (this session) that I'm trying to leave a comment. Which is...I'm your girl if you need help with something (simple) like picking out guard hairs. But you probably don't want help because you make everything sound like fun. And... in MJ's comment... what's up with "colordy" ?

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi Nona, I will remember your offer next spring when we shear the Alpacas and Llamas.....I will give you a call. Great to hear from you....keep warm!!

zoom said...

Hi CLPF! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Your life looks interesting, with real live honest to goodness llamas and alpacas!

Mj said...

What's wrong with colordy? In my little world colordy makes oodles of sense. I am so glad you guys survived the cold. I went to a retreat with the Sheep Creek Weavers - we didn't need to pack many clothes because we were wearing so many layers just to get there! But we had a wonderful time and are planning to do it again next year. I tried to knit gloves once, but true to form, I have one finished and the other is 5 funny little tube things on a string - then I was off to something else :0)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

M.J. Glad to hear you made it home o.k. Were you warm enough....did you knit fingerless gloves so you could spin?