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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well have finally finished the last thing on my 2007 list and can start the new year at this house!! Here are the little sheep hats that a lady ordered before Christmas, she has three little boys and dresses them all the same. She phoned me before Christmas to say that she had bought one of my sheep hats at a sale, the seller had bought the hat from me and for some reason she was reselling it but had left my tag on it, she said her boys loved it but were sharing it, they were taking turns wearing it, they even wore it to bed. So she needed two more and here they are. The pattern is from WOODSMOKE WOOLWORKS, she has patterns for the hats with cats, rabbits etc. I made them a couple years ago and had so many orders I was crazy, that is all I was doing was knitting sheep hats so was afraid to even put one on my sale table this year. The funny thing was it was the adults that wanted me to knit them sheep hats. I don't mind knitting the is those %$^&*^% little sheep that hang off the top!!! It takes as long to knit them, and stuff them, put them on their stings and put them on the hat as it does to knit the hat, the pattern calls for three little sheep on the top and if you make the hat with earflaps you put a sheep on each tie. I thought two sheep were enough!! I am going to try to crochet the little sheep and see if that is easier.....would save me having to say all those bad words. I would be a better person. My other problem with the little sheep are the cats think I made the sheep for them, so I have to hide them or search all over the house for them. So that is done..YA YA!! Plus I finished the other pair of gloves for resident husband, here they are in all their glory, look at the beautiful fingers and the cute little thumb!!
So to start my new year I am going to spin..and spin..and spin Ta La Ta La Ta La (picture dancing around the room here) Have to do some carding too I guess so I have something to spin.....right??


Alpaca Granny said...

I want to try a sheep hat. Yours are darling.... Will try to find the pattern.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

They are really cute, I want to make up a chart to put alpacas or llamas in place of the sheep. I don't know if Woodsmoke Woolworks has a website, my daughter picked the pattern up at a conference and I know the local mill did have a few patterns of hers. If you can't find one let me know and I will send you a copy.