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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Day is Done

Well I did get the articles finished and e-mailed but have not heard whether she could open them up. the problem of one computer communicating with another fact the problem with my computer was it could not even communicate with itself. It was not easy, nothing is ever easy around here. The program I had written the articles in would not open up if I sent them via e-mail as an attachment and they would not be copy and pasted into the e-mail either so o.k. I copy and pasted them into another program but that program will not accept pictures so I copy and pasted the articles and then I attached the picture as an attachment and then sent them to my other e-mail address, then I could open them up there and I also could open them up in my sent mail and yahoo!! everything looks o.k. it opens up like I want it to.........but the question is.....can she open them up in her computer.....right? so here is hoping that can be crossed off my list and on to sorting fibre for the mill. I got some sorted and bagged but my sorting table is tooo low, my back is breaking so will have to figure out how to get it up higher tomorrow. I really need a larger one but have not had the time to construct one.
What I am excited about is I started a thrum slipper last night, grandson #1 needs another pair of thrum slippers as he has worn his out, I gave them to him for Christmas last year and forgot to sew a piece of suede on the heel to make the heel last longer, so they really did do well. I picked a ball of wool that I had dyed a crazy red-burgundy, bits of yellow etc. and started to knit but after I knit a bit it was not as red-burgundy etc. that I thought it was going to is quite pink and while I know he would wear them proudly I will knit his in a different color, meanwhile when I got to the first thrum row I noticed that there were bits of grey in the yarn and I remembered I had some grey roving that I thought would look better than the white I was going to use and I love it!! I am so glad I decided to use the grey instead of the white. I knit some more on it tonight but did not take pictures, will get some tomorrow. Tomorrow I will figure out how to set the sorting table up higher and get a good portion of fibre sorted, the brown I am sorting right now is from Mommy alpaca and she is brown with a couple blond patches and the blond patches are quite coarse so have to pull it all out....time consuming, when we shear them this year I will remember to take that out right away. also want to get some grey sorted. This fibre when sorted will go to the mill to be made into sock yarn, the Alpaca will be mixed with some merino wool and a bit of mohair and a touch of nylon. Better remember to sort some of my mohair to take up too.So that was my day and I feel I am gaining on my list to do a bit. Well am off to bed, will post a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Santa, I can not believe I made them twenty-three years ago!! no wonder they are complaining they need new clothes....I really need to smarten them up a bit for next year.........I will put it on my list.

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