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Friday, March 10, 2017

Where is the Sun!! I Run on Solar Power!!

I have been knitting up some of my unfinished articles....and a lot of them are slipper socks...why so many unfinished slipper socks?? Well when I need some knitting to take with me as I run out the door or something to knit while watching T.V I just grab some yarn and needles to take with me....then a knitting order comes in and I have to tuck it away etc. etc. So I decided I would not start another thing until I found all the unfinished slipper socks and finish a scarf I started a few years ago. So far have finished the slippers I had on the go.
Now have been knitting on the scarf, it is not fast even though it is a one row scarf so only have to remember one row but the yarn is a fine sock yarn so is taking a bit to knit but just have a small ball of yarn left to go, Love the way the scarf is working out, my favorite colors!! I think I had this picture in a post this summer but will post it again as the colors showed up so great in the sunlight...these days it is hard to get a good picture in the house!
Oh look at the green grass!! And my Delphiniums!! Hopefully we will see it again pretty soon! Right now it is so cold and we just got a new snowfall last night. Is supposed to warm up a bit in a couple of days, hope it does and that is the last of the snow and cold weather! (Am probably dreaming) But the first day of spring in coming up pretty soon.....


Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

Your slipper socks look really warm and cozy - great work! Your knitting is so even. I wish I had more knitting time these days, but right now I'm on 60+ hour work weeks so knitting time is scarce. That scarf is gorgeous. The colours are really up my alley! I yearn for spring as well. We have a snowstorm due tomorrow night. Still about 1.5 to 2 feet on the ground here, so it will just add to that. Spring is far off, regardless of what the calendar tells me!

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for your comment on my glasses case. You asked what paints I use on the ribbon, they are not paints but pens, Letraset ProMarkers, they come in a huge range of colours,

Suzanne McClendon said...

That is a beautiful scarf. I love the yarn, so pretty. The socks look great. I wish that I could knit socks and have them actually look like socks. Maybe some day. :)

Have a blessed day.