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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Summer Rain is growing up!

Here is hoping my blog will get back to normal and I can post again. Last post which was ages ago announcing that I had a new computer and could finally post again......well that did not last new computer locked me out!! actually it was iCloud that locked me out so had to wait until could get back to the store and get them to help me get into my computer which was not easy but finally we used their computer to make amends with iCloud and I could finally use my computer again.......but then my blog was hacked and when people went into my blog all they got was an advertisement for a company. Awesome grandson finally got it removed for me and now hopefully that is the end of my blog problems!! Was out the other day taking pictures of the llamas and finally got a good one of Summer Rain, she does not like getting her picture taken so it was run around the feeder but she finally stopped and stood for a minute. Her mother has some llama in her and her Dad is full Alpaca and we won't really know until spring when she is sheared but right now it looks like her fleece will be more on the llama side, she has two half sisters that produce Alpaca fibre but love her beautiful colour.
Will have to get some new pictures of the babies from the year before, they have really grown and are not really babies anymore....but I still call them my babies. Well am off to totally knit out these days trying to get orders out to people plus knitting gifts for Christmas...will I get it done?....will I get it done?.....said I was not taking any new knitting orders until after Christmas.....then a phone call came and a lady needs a pair of modified fingerless mitts with a flap for a special needs young man in a wheel chair....can not say no to will cast on tomorrow to knit those between some baking...trying to get gifts ready for sending to family. Then back to gift knitting...might be wrapping up balls of yarn to gift then take back and knit after christmas when things slow has been done before........

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby Alpaca Arrived in a Rain Storm!

We have had our share of rain lately. here is what happened yesterday late afternoon while we were having a rain storm with thunder and lightening. Could not believe our eyes when we went out to do the chores when the rain storm passed was baby sitting there all wet! Her mother Venus has always had her babies early in the morning so when afternoon arrived with no baby, we did not think she would have it that day. Well surprise! surprise! So glad it was a girl as Venus is getting on in years, we do not know how old she is as she was in the small herd we were given a few years ago, she has some llama in her as she is a large alpaca. With Venus having a girl we do not need to wean her from her Mom and they can stay together forever, Venus has a very large utter with lots of milk. I took one look at baby and named her Summer Rain. We got baby dried off and got them bedded down in the barn for the night. Here they were this morning, Summer Rain all dry and fluffy ready to take on the world, enjoying the sunshine with her mother! Now this afternoon we had another thunder storm roll in and just as we were going to go out and get them in the barn we seen Venus head for the barn with baby right beside her and they tucked themselves in. Now we just have Belle who is Venus's girl from a few years ago, we think she is going to have a cria...but when who knows, it will be her first baby so is hard to tell.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back again with a New Computer

I can not believe it has been that long since I had posted! Just could not do anything with the old computer, so have a new one and am finally learning how everything works....I hope...we will see. It let me change the is rather large in your face type picture...but it is there. The baby llamas have now been sheared and the fleece is sitting there waiting for me to get it sorted, I took some pictures before they were sheared and promised them I would not share naked pictures. Here they are, the little alpaca "Rusty" is so funny....the picture with no ears is how he looks if he can see the camera....then the picture when he thinks I am taking a picture of someone else. He can have the cutest face...and also the funniest face. We are waiting on one or maybe two alpaca babies, the one is ready to have her cria any day but the other one it will be her first cria and although I am sure she is preggers I do not know when. Now have to find time to get at all the beautiful fleece from these cuties plus all the yard work! that I have a post written and I can not believe how easy it was to get the pictures moved into it.....lets hope I can get it posted!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Still Knitting and Baby Llama and Alpaca pictures!!

Still knitting!! Weather report tonight says big snow storm arriving tomorrow, RH birthday Sat. and Older Son and daughter-in-law had planned on meeting up for lunch but will put it on hold for another day, do not want to be out and about in bad weather unless you really have to. if computer and blogger will let me will post the pictures of the rest of our babies.
Our little Sassyfrazz, she is so cute, she loves her Mom Posy and Posy loves Sassy so much, they are always together neck hugging and Sassy is always snuggling into her mothers fibre.
This is our miracle boy Parker, he was so twisted in his mother Spice Girl we worked for two hours steady to get him out and never thought we would save him but out he came after all that and stood up and said Hi and went to drink off Mom. We had an angel looking over us that day!! He is the image of his father and grandfather. Raindancer whose picture is at the top of my blog page is the father of Silver Dust, Thistle and Parker.
This is our little Alpaca boy Rusty, the surprise baby as we thought his mother had not bred last fall so had her in with the male this spring. He is such a sweetie but was not co-operating to get his picture taken. So great to have so many little ones playing together. Can not wait until the shearing in the spring!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knitting and Growing Baby Llamas!!

What is new?? Just the knitting marathon to get stock ready for the Christmas market in a week then can relax and get ready for Christmas plus have been under the weather lately and on antibiotics for the last week but am starting to feel better...good thing...I can always knit between rests. Should also get some fibre carded and pulled into rovings for sale, sold out everything the last sale, would really like to get some yarn dyed also but will have to see how time goes. As I do not have pictures of fibrey things will post some pictures the the animals growing fibre for me.They are growing so fast. Will post a couple of them today and try to find time to post the rest tomorrow. Blogger is only letting me download one picture at a time and it takes ages.
Above pictures are of Silver Dust, he is so cute but so bad, is always pestering the other llamas...has also been caught sneaking milk from other mothers and their spitting at him does not bother him at all.
And here is our beautiful girl Thistle. She is so sweet! Can not wait to see how her fibre turns out.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Llama and Alpaca Kids are Growing!!

I have to get out and get some new pictures of the kids before winter arrives. We have been so busy getting the yard and barnyard ready for winter. Have all my Gladiolas bulbs dug up and the Dahlia root, have to trim back the foliage and get them tucked away, could not believe how large the Glad bulbs were after the way they bloomed all summer, hoping they survive storage over the winter. Have the garden pool drained, using the water to soak some of the shrubs and have drained the water storage containers before it really freezes so are getting there. RH has been busy the last two days getting the metal siding up on the Llama and Alpaca girls barn, can not believe the weather has been so nice and we could get everything cleaned up around the yard. Also have the back yard landscaped and planted with grass seed, hoping it comes up nice and green in the spring. This time last year we had a lot of snow on the ground. Am also knitting like crazy for the two Christmas markets we have coming up shortly, had totally sold out of everything at the end of the summer markets so is going to be a race to get enough knit up and Alpaca fibre carded up for the market. could not stand the dirty windows in the house so spent a day washing windows....they look great but my wrist was not feeling too great...had a panic attack for a can I knit with a sore wrist!! Better think before I do these things!! The decks are looking so bare without all my flowers, am thinking of getting a few little evergreen bushes to put in them for the winter....I think they should live over the winter if I water them good and let them freeze in?? I did see a picture that someone had put some dried foliage in their planters....hmmm...better get my ideas in place before it gets too many ideas and so little time!! Trying to keep my focus on knitting....focus on knitting....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Baby Llamas and Alpaca for 2013

Can not believe it!! computer and internet both working at the same really getting annoying,just hope it keeps going until I get a post written!! We have not bred any llama or alpaca girls for a few years because of moving and getting things set up again, but last fall we bred four of our llama females and I bought a young male alpaca for our girls, we put them together and the girls just laughed at him as he was smaller than they were and decided we would put them back together this spring....well Black Mommy had a surprise for us!! I went out to check the llama girls and look what I found!!
I got a dark fawn colored male to breed to the black girls hoping for this color as their mother was brown, here we have a beautiful little boy!!
Will have to go out and get new pictures of him as he is a going concern now. He was so small when he was born. Now am hoping the other two alpaca girls are bred for next spring, can not wait to see what color their babies are!! Then here came our first llama baby from our beautiful Posy. A beautiful little girl, when I found her she was up drinking from her mother and busy to get going, she is such a nice little girl and so sassy so her name is Sassyfrazz.
The second baby llama, a little boy was a silver grey when he was born, his mother is Calley, have named him Silver Dust although I should have named him trouble as he spends all his time annoying the other mothers so is always being spit at...and it does not bother him at all...if he finds other babies sleeping...he gets them up...and I have caught him snitching milk from other mothers!! Bad! Bad! Boy! But so cute.
Third baby was from Emerson Rose who is a dark brown.....she had a white baby girl with dark cute....for some reason I want to call her Thistle...will have to wait and see if the name sticks.
Spice Girl looked like she would have been the first llama to have her baby as she was so large and uncomfortable, she had a baby a few years ago so was not that worried about her until it got later and later, and she was so restless, I walked miles I am sure going out to check her. We had a cold rainstorm come in so had all the llamas and their babies in the barn overnight and the next morning we could see she was in distress and was not even trying to have the baby so had to make the call to go in and see what the problem was and found the baby twisted and upside down but was still alive.....we worked for two hours and finally got baby was a miracle...we must have had an angel watching over us. Out he came and got up and looked at us and shortly after he was up drinking off his mother. He is our miracle baby for sure, looks exactly like his Dad and his Grandad. Still have not decided on a name for him.
So that is what kept us busy this fall, now we have these beautiful babies bouncing around growing some beautiful fibre for me to use.