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Friday, July 17, 2015

Time just gets away from me!!

I can not believe it has been that long since I last posted. May 20th was the last post!....the tomato plants were still in their little cups under the grow lights....where has the time gone......look at them now!!
This is just one side of the greenhouse.
And the tomatoes are starting to appear!! I still had some tomatoes in the deepfreeze frozen from last year so got the big pot out yesterday as we had a rain day and put the tomatoes, peppers, celery and onions in and stewed them down then run them through the blender added some spices and simmered for a bit and put the sauce into containers and froze for later. Think I have enough tomatoes frozen for another pot. Can not wait for the new tomatoes to ripen...there is nothing like picking and eating vine ripened tomatoes! We have had it so hot for so long and no rain so it is a daily chore to keep all the garden's watered. We can not use our well water because of high sodium, so we have three big tanks to catch rain water....well no rain...means no water..we are lucky enough that the town near us has a good water well we can get water from to use, we put a small tank on the truck and hubby hauls water to fill the tanks. Since we moved here I had to rely on gravity feed to get the water to the gardens then water everything with a watering can...well this year hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday...I said I need a water system for watering the gardens...I went online and found the pump I wanted then found a store that had one and sent him on his way. So now we have all three tanks hooked up together and hose to the front and back gardens and all I have to do it flip a couple of switches and I have pressured water to water things, what a treat! It was still a chore to pull hoses around with all the hot weather but I could not have had the garden this year if I had not had the water system.

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