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Monday, February 15, 2016

His name is Mango and We are his Human's

Good grief....just looked at my blog posts...where did the time go....the tomatoes are gone...munched...munched and it is time to start new plants for the coming spring. Last summer with no rain and watering steady I lived outside so blogging went by the how many pictures do people need to see of a growing tomato....right. But can not wait until my flowerbeds start coming this spring. Last year was a sad year as we had to say goodbye to all three of our fur babies in the house, they had been with us for over fifteen years through two moves, living in holiday trailers etc while houses and barns were being built.First was Maxx the Jack Russel in the spring, then Sheba in the summer and finally Grey kitty in the fall and they are so missed. We decided to try to live without animals in the house for a bit. We still have three barn cats who are over fifteen years old and have moved with us too, we do not call them barn cats now...they are garage cats who live in a warm garage with a cat door, they move slower and spend their time soaking up the sun when there is sun. We have a younger cat Batman we inherited when we bought this place who had been terrorized by the two house cats and being the gentle sole he is he would not retaliate.....he would just quietly leave. Then we were a cat....RH was out working on the garage and all of a sudden he came in the door and said look what I have....he was holding a small orange kitten....RH said he was up on the ladder and all of a sudden here was this little cat up on the step ladder with him. Where did he come from....we do not have really close neighbours. RH went around to the closest neighbours asking if they were missing a one was missing a cat but the neighbours to the south of us said they would take him, our older garage cats were not happy to have him around. So RH took him over to the neighbours. But I could not quit thinking about him....I said to RH...maybe you should go bring him back.....I do not know if he is being taken care of....RH said they said they lose a lot of cats to coyotes....I said go get him!! He didn't and the next night I did hear coyotes...and could not stop thinking about the little cat. The next morning RH came into the house and said look who has come back....he was holding the little cat and little cat showed me his sore paw as he had walked all the way back to us. I said he is going to stay here....little cat realize I was a house cat....I said not think that is going to happen....take the warm garage and I will make you a nice warm bed. So off to the vets, getting neutered...shots he is called the million dollar cat. RH came into the house the other day and said I need some toys for that cat as he is taking all my stuff off the shelf to play found him some toys. We were calling him Little Cat but now that he has grown a bit his name is Mango. He is the happiest cat, he loves the snow, found him gathering snow in his paws then standing up on his back legs and tossing a snow ball, then it was snowing and he was trying to catch the snowflakes. The older cats have decided he can stay and they will put up with him, he is Batman's shadow, he has so much energy and occasionally gets a swat from Batman. I am already worrying about my flower planters come spring and my flowerbeds...... I wanted to add a photo of Mango but for some reason between my computer and blogger this is not happening!! will add some photos when I get things working again....I am not happy...trying to not say bad words!!

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