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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Washing and Reskeining skeins of Alpaca and Wool yarn!!

Went up to the local fibre mill and picked up some skeins of Alpaca and some of wool last Tuesday so have been busy washing the skeins....all 120 of them....and of course had to dry them in the house as the weather was so cold. Just love those shower rods that do not have to screw into the just put them up by pressure. I got four of them and use two chairs to support them and hang the yarn to dry on so great if I can do it out on the deck in the sunshine but in the house it takes forever and I wanted some of them for the market today. They were dry yesterday so that is what I did all day yesterday. I like to wash them to get the spinning oil off them and then re-skein them as it makes them look so nice, it took me all day but I got half of them done and got the info tags on them.....I was up until 2:00AM getting them ready to go. Could sure feel it in my elbow and shoulder today.
Hopefully I can get the rest of them done up this week but tomorrow we better get the root veggies out of the garden as the snow word was used on the weather station for Tuesday.....thinking...if we get the garden cleaned up...maybe it will not snow, it is so dry out we really could use some moisture as they are putting fire bans out...lot of grass fires lately, none near us thank-goodness. We also are getting the back yard ready to plant grass and would be great to get it planted. Will see what mother nature brings us!! Well am off to bed!

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