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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Baby Llamas and Alpaca for 2013

Can not believe it!! computer and internet both working at the same really getting annoying,just hope it keeps going until I get a post written!! We have not bred any llama or alpaca girls for a few years because of moving and getting things set up again, but last fall we bred four of our llama females and I bought a young male alpaca for our girls, we put them together and the girls just laughed at him as he was smaller than they were and decided we would put them back together this spring....well Black Mommy had a surprise for us!! I went out to check the llama girls and look what I found!!
I got a dark fawn colored male to breed to the black girls hoping for this color as their mother was brown, here we have a beautiful little boy!!
Will have to go out and get new pictures of him as he is a going concern now. He was so small when he was born. Now am hoping the other two alpaca girls are bred for next spring, can not wait to see what color their babies are!! Then here came our first llama baby from our beautiful Posy. A beautiful little girl, when I found her she was up drinking from her mother and busy to get going, she is such a nice little girl and so sassy so her name is Sassyfrazz.
The second baby llama, a little boy was a silver grey when he was born, his mother is Calley, have named him Silver Dust although I should have named him trouble as he spends all his time annoying the other mothers so is always being spit at...and it does not bother him at all...if he finds other babies sleeping...he gets them up...and I have caught him snitching milk from other mothers!! Bad! Bad! Boy! But so cute.
Third baby was from Emerson Rose who is a dark brown.....she had a white baby girl with dark cute....for some reason I want to call her Thistle...will have to wait and see if the name sticks.
Spice Girl looked like she would have been the first llama to have her baby as she was so large and uncomfortable, she had a baby a few years ago so was not that worried about her until it got later and later, and she was so restless, I walked miles I am sure going out to check her. We had a cold rainstorm come in so had all the llamas and their babies in the barn overnight and the next morning we could see she was in distress and was not even trying to have the baby so had to make the call to go in and see what the problem was and found the baby twisted and upside down but was still alive.....we worked for two hours and finally got baby was a miracle...we must have had an angel watching over us. Out he came and got up and looked at us and shortly after he was up drinking off his mother. He is our miracle baby for sure, looks exactly like his Dad and his Grandad. Still have not decided on a name for him.
So that is what kept us busy this fall, now we have these beautiful babies bouncing around growing some beautiful fibre for me to use.

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