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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Decided to Crochet a scarf from the frogged shawl!

I have decided to crochet a scarf out of the frogged shawl, I am going to work in this shell stitch for how long I want the scarf to be then am going to crochet a lace border all around the outside...have not decided the border yet...will wing it as I go. This yarn is crocheting up much better then knitting with it...unless I have to rip back then it is sticky which might be because it has been ripped back and reknit so many times it is well worn. Remember I had decided I had to finish ...I think it was three unfinished items before I could start something what is this it something new...or is it a unfinished item?? I decided as I made the rule...I can decide it is an unfinished item.....I did take a vote of everyone in the house at the moment and they all is an unfinished item!!

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