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Friday, March 15, 2013

Alpaca scarf is finished!

Just finished the scarf tonight! Will get it washed and blocked tomorrow! The yarn was better suited to be crochet rather than knitted. The pattern I used was Emerald Scarf by Tracy St. John, I should have taken a picture of the pattern but will do it tomorrow. I did not follow the pattern for the center of the scarf but did follow the pattern for the lace trim around the outside and I like the way it turned out...guess I should not say that until I get it blocked. I have a couple more skeins in this color and think I will crochet it into another scarf, I think I will make one similar to the blue one, will have to decide on that when I start it. But the thing I know I am not going to crochet it with two large lazy cats on my lap !!! I have had to crochet the blue scarf while holding it in a plastic bag so cat claws do not get hooked in it! I might have to lock myself in the bathroom or another thought is...I could lock the cats in the bathroom. It had been nice and warm for a few days but now temps have dropped and it it cold outside so the birds are enjoying the seed bells and have emptied the feeder....looks like most of it is on the ground so am sharing the pictures I took my birds!!

1 comment:

crafty cat corner said...

I love the frilly edge to this scarf.
Looks really warm.