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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am still around !!!

Where does the time go?? After the terrible cold winter we had I have decided to really enjoy the summer when we finally got it this year so have been working in the garden everyday until noon, pulling and hoeing weeds and hilling up the monster potato patch, What are we going to do with all these potatoes?? Food bank here we come!! Maybe have to put a you dig it sign at the road. Am so enjoying the lettuce, love my lettuce, almost too beautiful to eat and the other day I thought I would thin the carrots out a bit...could not believe how big the carrots were already!! They did not last long. And the peas pods are filling up nicely, makes my mouth water.
And I have been doing a bit of fibre stuff, finally finished spinning the llama/merino/silk that I had carded up, spun it very fine so it seemed to take ages, wanted to spin about a thousand yards and when I was finished it was just short of a thousand yards. I want to dye it so one of these days will have to get the dye pots out but it has been so hot here who wants to be heating anything up, we usually only have one plus thirty day here in the hills all summer but this year we had quite a few days, thank-goodness it cools off at night. Also have six pair of socks knit up, have to get them washed and blocked this week and do a count on how many pairs I have so far, am always short for the fall sales and end up knitting crazy to fill orders so thought if I could knit four pair a month I would be ahead...will have to see...think I am behind. Then the garage floor is finished and I have my sorting table up so have been sorting fibre to go to the mill, is so hard as I come across fibre and I think...maybe I should wash some and see how it spins...but I can not get side tracked!! have too much to sort through. The cement guys are supposed to be back tomorrow to pour the pad in front of the garage and the backhole guy is supposed to dig the trench from the house to the barn to bury the power line tomorrow so will be a busy day but things are finally getting finished up. Well Maxx and I are off to do our midnight run in the fresh air and then off to bed.


Anonymous said...

the vegie garden looks great Betty and I loved the llama you sent me to play with - i loved it so much ive hunted down a lady that sells llama fleece here in Aus and Im waiting for her to send it to me!

Shelley's Garden said...

Those carrots are quite amazing. I've never been able to grow carrots. The size you have is what they were at end of season. What's your secret? Are you getting ready for the Fair? Dropped off entries for myself and daughters and noticed deadline was extended to August 5.

Yvette said...

You sure are busy! I love the energy and the productivity.
Yummy veggies too.