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Friday, August 28, 2009

Where does the time go?

What have I been doing....a little bit of outside in the garden enjoying all the little birds flipping around...not enjoying...the mice eating the peas, they crawl up the plant and shell the peas leaving the pods hanging there. Also have had some Deer visiting but the only damage from them is they nipped off the top of one of the Saskatoon bushes. Have also been sorting Alpaca fibre to send to the Mill but had to leave that a bit as the local Fair was coming up and as we are directors for the Llama Show we had to get that organized plus I had entered a few things in the bench show. Thought I had entered some baking...good thing I had made a copy of what I entered and checked it out before I started baking!! as I had forgot to send that form in, had entered a couple of llama fleeces in the Fleece Show, something knit from handspun, something made from hand dyed yarn, a knit pair of socks and a skein of handspun yarn.....I think that was all. Because of living outside in the garden all summer I had not made anything new so just pulled some articles that were made from the sales bin but thought I would spin a skein of yarn, I had some wool roving so spun it up but......when I was plying it....the cat decided to help and I got her tail plied into the yarn a couple of times....then got the tassels of the afghan on my chair plied into it....good grief!! And this was to be entered in the fair!! I had a skein of yarn I had spun from llama and it did not weigh as much as they wanted but decided to take that. Won ribbons for everything but the pair of socks, everyone else had knit patterned socks...have to remember that next time. I did wash up a sheep fleece, it is a beautiful brown with super crimp, am posting a picture of some of it before I washed it.
I had said I would spin and judge the Handspinner's Choice competition for the Fibre Show at the Llama Conference in Sept. so all the fleece samples were delivered right after the fair, so that is what I have been doing. Now it says in the book that two oz. of unwashed llama fleece ""with all guard hair and debris removed"" is to be entered.....wellllll!! That is all I am going to say!! Also in the Suri Llama entry....the fibre was twenty inches is this a joke or what!! Yup...I spun it...feels like string. So that is done!! Just finished hemming grandson #4's pants for school so that is done. Hopefully will be able to get back to the fleece sorting......there was some beautiful fleece samples that I spun and judged.......should I see whether the fleeces are for sale at the conference....I have just smacked myself twice!! I can not even get the fleece I have sorted!!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on the prize place winnings! - love that fleece its a gorgeous colour, we have our local show coming up soon so will have to think about what Im going to enter in it :)