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Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow and more snow!!

When is this ever going to end,I am not going to post anymore snow pictures as they look exactly like the pictures on the last post, this is our third day of snow and blowing snow and they are saying another storm tonight. The drifts are so high in around the barns that you can hardly walk. RH just came in from chores and was so tired he has gone for a nap. This has got to end sometime....right??
I finished the scarf I was knitting out of the llama yarn that was as thin as sewing thread, tried to get it to sixty inches and finally bound off at (Ithink) fifty-four inches and when I blocked it, it measured around seventy inches....I love it now...what a difference after it had been blocked. With the rest of the yarn from the knitted scarf I thought I would just use it up and try crocheting with it went a lot faster, scarf is not that long but liked the way it came out. I had dyed some more of that type of yarn so decided to crochet a scarf out of it so have it started. These are the socks I have stock piled so far, just finished another pair but have not washed and blocked them yet, was hoping to knit four pair a month but am behind not counting what I sold right after the new year.Better go put another sock on the needles. Have almost finished knitting the vest I am going to felt, have the back and fronts knit, now just to sew them together and finish the edges, they have you pick up stitches and knit a couple rows on the edges.
A few years ago I had spun up some brown wool I carded with some gold and purple sparkle and I thought I would knit up the Einstein Coat for myself like the baby Einstein coat I made, but when I knit up a swatch it felt too overtwisted so decided to put it back through the spinning wheel and take some of the twist out of it and see what happened, I washed it and hung it to dry but maybe should have weighted it with something, will do that with the other skeins. It knit up a lot better so I will be running the other skeins through the spinning and reset them too. It will be good to use the yarn up and I think it is perfect for this sweater coat.
The ceiling is finished and lights are up in my work area so have been cleaning up and sorting for the last few days and now I can get back to carding fibre and doing some sewing. I am finding fibre that I did not know I even had.... do not even remember buying.....a big bag of cashmere??.....when did I buy that....I won't even mention what other stuff I found.....I have to admit I have an addiction....does anyone know of a group called Fibre Pig Anonymous?? I can not buy anymore fibre....I have to keep repeating this to myself. I just found an acronym that fits me perfectly...."SABLE"...Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy...that is a bit scary. Now I better go start working on this fibre stash!!


valli said...

love those socks - what type of yarn did you knit them with betty? if its handspun yarn do you make 3ply for your handspun socks? the scarves turned out lovely :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes, are your socks handspun?