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Thursday, April 23, 2009

We needed moisture...but isn't there another way!!!

Woke up this morning to the wind howling and the snow blowing, looks like some drifts are four feet high. Maxx went out the bottom door with RH when he went out to do the chores and a minute later there was this thump at the front door...he wanted in bad...and it must have been bad as he came through the drift on the front steps...look how much snow was up against the door...and he brought some in with him. This what spring looks like around here. Am glad I got as much garden work done that I did, the mice had tunneled all through my front flowerbeds leaving roots and bulbs exposed, I had tossed some dirt over them but when I was raking off the old leaves etc. I found it was really bad in other areas so spent a day sifting soil over the whole area and watering it in, hope the mice did not kill the lilies, see no sign of them coming up yet but hope they come later, so far some iris, my favorite poppy which was the first thing up and now is probably flat, some tulips, the bleeding heart plant and the two columbine plants. I thing I like about spring is seeing everything come up. just before it snowed I went down to the garden area and noticed the crocus starting to bloom, it is so startling to see this bright blue in the dull brown grass. The snow should not last long, we had such hot dry winds for a few days and the other night there was smoke coming over the hills so something caught on fire, thank-goodness by the time we went to bed it was gone, so am thankful for the moisture even if it came in snow, things should green up now. Now back to trying to get my work area straightened out so I can get some more fibre carded.


Anonymous said...

your poor garden Betty - i hate mice too they really creep me out! i cant believe how cold it is over there all this snow your having is unreal.

Yvette said...

Ouch, That snow smarts.