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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Does insanity run in the family???

This has to be a fast post, just wanted to let you know I am still here with knitting blisters on my fingers. Remember when I said that I was almost finished knitting??? I had resident husbands sister phone looking for a couple pair of thrum mittens, she had bought a pair at the market, now Gabie is the knitter for things for the hands and I am the knitter for things for the feet but I did not want to phone Gabie as she is knit out and needs a break so o.k. I will knit the mitts as I will have all this time on my hands ...........right?? Now I have a pattern that I give people when they buy my thrum slipper kit and also want a pattern for mitts (now I have never knit off this pattern) and I do not know where the pattern is that I used before..........when I made that one mitt. (It has been laying around waiting for a person with one hand) So I start the first mitt and find out this is not the best I am winging it....after some ripping out I get this great thought....I will just go look for a pattern on the net.......great! I found a dozen different patterns and pick one that looks like what I want and start knitting........who writes these patterns....why do they not put the word puzzle in the here I am using three patterns to knit a mitt, now what probably would have really helped is if I knew the basics of knitting a mitt.......right?? Or wrote down what I did while making the first mitt!! Well after knitting five mitts I have ended up with two there is another mitt looking for a person with one hand. Now this is not as strange as you think as years ago when Gabie and I had a table at the local market a man was looking at the mitts and asked Gabie if she could knit two mitts for the right hand and she said why both mitts for the right hand.....he only had one hand.....we had not noticed. I also have a sock waiting for someone with only one foot.....any takers out there?? Now while I was knitting the mitts I had a call from a lady desperately wanting a couple pair of slippers for her husband for Christmas, the kind that used to be knit out of phentex.but with wool....why did yes I can do it pop out of my mouth. So that is what I am doing here I am trying to get the pattern right because I am using two strands of wool instead of whatever they used in the pattern and I am winging it again. Just finished one slipper and it is not large enough but now I know how many stitches I will need and ......I have a slipper waiting for a person with one foot. So that is what I have been doing!! The inside animals are so needy for attention that they are stuck to me like glue and it is making me crazy!!!!! If I am walking they are under my feet, if I am sitting knitting Sheba is leaning against my arm pretending that the movement of my elbow as I knit is petting and Grey Kitty and Maxx are both trying to lay right up tight beside me...........I am locking myself in my room.....can you hear the whining and scratching at the door!! Yesterday went out to help resident husband load some goats.....found it was really hard to grab a goat with my puffy thrum mitts. But I grabbed a goat and pulled it over to where he was and he got his hands on the horns and I was pushing from behind and he pulled it fast and I went with it and smacked my head into his back.....and felt my neck go crack....moved it carefully and everything seemed to be o.k. but thought I would wake up with a stiff neck this far o.k. can't have a bad neck with all this knitting to do!! Well so much for the short note............better get whipping the wool around again.....and if anyone phones for something I will be saying nooooo!! The picture is of Maxx and Grey Kitty on the rug in front of the sink, their favorite spot when I am there.

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