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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brrrrrrrrr It is cold outside!!

The sun is trying to shine but it is cold!!Was minus nineteen this morning, windows are all frosted up. Animals must be all tucked in as nothing is out and about. I have not been knitting as yet today............I think I am knit out. Finished another pair of socks that were on order and have one more order on a couple pair but will do something else for a it is cool today should do some baking?? We will see....could sort some fibre.
Look what is happening at my house!! The Christmas cactus are going to be finished blooming before Christmas day..........wonder if I gave the plants a good shot of blooming fertilizer they would bloom again?? Everyone is thinking of putting up their tree already, which got me to thinking about putting up mine and then I remembered why I do not put the tree up could I forget....I do not need the stress of the cats dismantling it for that many days. A couple years ago we came home late from shopping and I had bought a new dustmop, I had set it up against the wall by the door when I came in, later I noticed the cats Grey Kitty and Sheba sitting looking at it, trying not too get too close, then Grey Kitty stretched in and smacked at it, her claws caught in the mop and she took off with the mop dragging behind her, finally she got untangled and she and Sheba were in hiding for ages before they crept out to see what monster mop was doing. Was so funny!! (for me anyway) So then I got the great idea.........if I put the mop by the tree.....the cats would not go near the tree. Worked like a charm for that year but by the time Christmas came around the next year they still had not made friends with Monster mop but they were not terrified of him either. So what to do about protecting the tree.......all of a sudden I remembered the motion activated frog the boys gave me so I dug it out and put some batteries in it and put it in front of the tree, I had not finished decorating the tree when I put it there and it almost drove me crazy as I would forget and walk in front of it but it did help in keeping the cats away during the day but at night it does not work. So what to do this year!! Grey kitty does not take things off the tree but she will accept things if Sheba gives them to her. Now Sheba is part Siamese......need I say more...even if you put stuff on the bottom they can play with that is not good enough for her, she can jump three or four feet to get the good stuff. Grey Kitty can not wait until the day after Christmas when all the gifts are gone and she can lay on the tree skirt in a sunbeam. I have some great pictures of her. Have to think of what to use to guard the tree this year.
Well am off to find something to do that does not involve knitting needles......

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The Daughter said...

I just looked at the comment on your last blog entry, what is that!!!! To me it is in another language - didn't know you knew a second language:0) Winona says to let you know she reads and loves your blog. We will be thinking of ideas how to keep your tree safe.