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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Am I still here?

I think I am still here? I had someone phone and ask for me tonight so I guess I am. I am finally getting caught up with all the back orders, hopefully I will have everything caught up by next week and then I can get at things for Christmas. Market manager decided there was no stall for us for the month of Dec. which is o.k. by me. I am all knit out and friend Gabie said she is all knit out. Had such a cramp in my hand this morning after all the maniac knitting yesterday, I thought if I chewed gum it would take my mind off searching the house for chocolate....not a good idea....the faster I knit the faster I chewed the gum and the faster I chewed the gum the faster I knit. This morning my arms were neck was hand was cramped, I felt like a truck had run over me......I think I better stock up on some chocolate.
We got up to the mill to get some more yarn. Resident husband drove so Gabie and I could knit there and back. Did not have the alpaca fibre sorted so have to make another trip. I dyed up a couple pots of wool yarn. Wanted to dye some skeins a mixture of green and a peach color and I think they turned out pretty good, the other pot was some of the same red, yellow and blue mixture.
Winter has really arrived, although I don't think we have as much snow up here on the hill as they do down below us. I was just thinking today.....winter comes every is supposed to come every year......why do we get so upset when the temperatures are in the minus and there is snow on the ground??? We live in a country that has definite seasons! That being said I will be so glad when the new electric blanket I ordered comes!! The old one is dead and I am tired of heating my rice bag in the M.W. and taking it to bed to warm my feet up every night. Poor Maxx the Jack Russell thinks his bed is too cold so wants to sleep on the recliner and I cover him with a blanket. For Christmas I think I will make him a rice bag big enough to cover the bottom of his bed, then I will heat it and put it in his bed and cover it with a light blanket and he should be toasty.
Well am off to heat up my rice bag and go to bed, tomorrow is another day of knitting.........

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