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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Windfence finished!!

The windfence is finally finished!! They arrived on Thursday and although it was windy and cool they got it finished. Now we will have to do some creative landscaping to camouflage it. I keep wondering if it is to late to plant some bushes???Can you plant things in November?? It is great to go out the front door and not have this swirling dirt on the front step. In the winter when we open the front door the drift against the door falls into the house. It is really hard to convince resident dog that he should go out and do his business when all this snow falls in when I open the door. The windfence does not stop the wind completely it just makes it manageable. It was really windy last evening and the house was not creaking and groaning so fence is doing it's job. It is a warm day today so should get out and put the landscape fabric and wood chips down in the front flower bed now that they will not blow away. I had planted some bulbs last fall in that flower bed and the wind blew all the dirt from around the bulbs and the only thing holding them their were their roots, some of them lived but did not have the happiest blooms.
Resident husband was off early to the farmers market in the city, we have been waiting for months to see whether we had a space, the manager just can not get his &*%& together, finally the manager said he had a space for us for Nov. but does not know about Dec. He does not seem to realize a person has to know a head of time so you can have the stock?? Husband phoned this morning when he got in and said the spot they gave him has all this junk sitting in tables.........and the manager was not in yet. The good thing.....husband forgot to charge his cell phone so only has enough power for one more call, I do not have to worry about up dates....he can handle it himself!! So that is what I have been doing all week, getting things finished up and priced and ready to go. Just came in from feeding the barn critters. Usually I pick grass for the Muscovy ducks so they were do you tell a duck the nice green grass is gone?? Maybe I should be growing pots of grass in the house for them??? Do you think??
Well I am off to get at the day...........should I get at the laundry and house cleaning or should I go do some spinning?? Decisions...decisions. Will post a picture of the completed windfence and our goat herd out grazing earlier this year when things were greener. I'm off.

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